Sunday, August 10, 2014

PGA Championship Road Trip

I've been MIA from the blog because I've been MIA from town. My dad and I went to Louisville late last week for the first and second rounds of the PGA Championship and we had a really fun two days.

We left from my house about 4:45 Thursday morning and headed north. Thankfully, we left early enough that we missed the rush hour traffic into Nashville and didn't have to wait in long traffic delays. We stopped for breakfast at Cracker Barrel once we got north of Nashville and then continued the rest of our journey.

To be honest, I can't remember what time we got to Louisville. We parked at Churchill Downs (where they have the Kentucky Derby) and then got on a bus for a 30-minute ride to the golf course. I think we got the course a little before noon - Louisville is on Eastern time which I didn't realize until my dad told me on the way up there.

When we got to the course, we grabbed a pairing sheet and looked at the map of the course to figure out where we wanted to go. The first green we came to was 13 and we stayed there for a few minutes and saw John Daly come through. We then decided to go to the 8th hole which was a par three on the back side of the course.

When we got to the grand stands at eight, there was a small line to get in. The stands were closed because they were full. As it turns out, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson's group was coming through and so it was crowded because of that. We are not Tiger fans and didn't care if we saw him or not, but I've always loved Phil and so I was thrilled when two people left the stands and we were able to take their place and watch Phil and Tiger putt.

The next few groups after that were also good and we got to see Bubba Watson, Graeme McDowell, Brandt Snedecker and a lot of other big names come through. We spent the rest of our day there at the eighth hole and watched all but about four groups. We then left for the day and stopped by Red Lobster for some dinner.

We went to the hotel after dinner and my dad made a phone call home and I was asleep before he even got finished I think. I was pooped from the long day. It was a great start to a fun road trip.

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