Monday, September 29, 2014

Errands, Decorating, and the Return of Sinus Problems

It's Monday and I'm home from work because I haven't been feeling well. I started feeling bad Friday morning when I woke up with a scratchy throat and a lot of congestion and things just got worse from there. Thankfully, I had a refill on some antibiotics that were prescribed to not me, but Pippa. Yes, that's right folks, I'm taking my dog's medicine. The first time I got it filled the pharmacist told me the next time I wasn't feeling well I could have it filled and take it myself and that is exactly what I did. I picked it up on Saturday and began taking it that evening. While I'm feeling better than I was, I didn't sleep a wink Sunday night thanks to a late afternoon Clariton D. So, the combination of no sleep and not feeling 100% was enough for me to stay home and take it easy.

Does anyone else feel incredibly guilty when they take a sick day? I mean, we have sick days for times like this but I think our American work ethic makes us feel guilty when we use them. At least this is how it is for me and also my friend Meri. We've had this conversation numerous times. At any rate, I have done absolutely nothing today and am looking forward to feeling better so I can get back to work and also because I'm headed to Gatlinburg this weekend and I definitely want to feel better for that.

Friday after work, I ran some errands and got quite a bit accomplished before I made it home. The first stop was the eye doctor where I picked up both my glasses and contacts. I think these glasses are going to work this go around and hopefully I won't have to return to the doctor for the fifth week in a row. After that, I went out to Bridge Street to pick up my race packet for The Color Run. At this point in the day I wasn't even sure if I would make it to The Color Run because of how bad I was feeling.

I then went by Party City to buy some paper Halloween lanterns I had seen on their web site. They are super cute and I have them hanging in various places in the house. The next stop was Target where I picked up a Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks to soothe my aching throat as well as some cough drops and Gummy Airborne. It is here where I will say that I'm a firm believe in Airborne. Right now is the first time in six months I've had any sinus issues and I've been taking Airborne everyday. It could be psychological, but I really believe it has helped. After grabbing some dinner, I headed home for the night and basically bedded down and watched some TV.

Saturday morning was The Color Run which I think I'll write about in a separate post because I need something else to write about this week. For now, I'll say that despite my feeling bad, it was still fun. That afternoon I made a quick trip to Publix to pick up a few groceries and some prescriptions, including the aforementioned antibiotic.

Since I'm going to be out of town this coming weekend, I decided to go ahead and bring out the Halloween decorations. I had bought some pumpkins for the front porch on Friday morning before work so I had set those out when I got home that evening. The inside stuff I knocked out pretty quickly and it looks rather festive if I do say so myself.

Sunday morning, I visited my old church for Friend's Day. I was invited by my friend Pat and I never told her for sure that I was coming so she was surprised, It was really great to see all the familiar faces of people I have known and loved my whole life. We had a pot luck after class and that was also good. The Chase Park folks really know how to cook.

I came home after church and finished up the laundry and cleaning. I didn't go to evening service because I was just not feeling like leaving the house again and had a lot of congestion and didn't want to leave the comfort of the couch, which leads us to today and I think I've already described how that's going.

With any luck, the congestion and headache and general feeling of "ick" will be gone soon and I'll be back to normal. Here's to good health and a better rest of the week for me and you!

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Erika said...

I was out sick Monday and yesterday, and I always feel a teeny bit guilty too. Not sure why - that is why we have sick days. I guess this is my yearly visit of ear infections :( Glad we are both feeling better!
Your Halloween decorations look super cute!