Monday, September 15, 2014

The Slightest Hint of Fall

A cold front supposedly rolled through Northern Alabama on Thursday night/Friday morning and I was excited to wear jeans to the football game on Friday night. It's the little things, y'all. I left work early Friday to take The Pip to the vet as it was time for her annual shots. There is one girl at the front desk who always remembers Pippa and I really like that about this vet's office (although there are other things I'm not keen about). Pippa is "affectionately" known as "Wild Child" by the doctor that we see. She was very skittish when I took her in this time. I think she is afraid I'm going to leave her there. Clearly boarding her there during my trip to Hawaii was a very traumatizing experience because she hid behind me each time the doctor or his assistant came into the room. 

I had Dr. C. look at her paws which have been red and on which she has been gnawing. The last time I had her nails trimmed the girl told me she though The Pip probably had some allergy problems and it turned out to be true. She was put on Prednisone for the week to clear up the allergies and then she goes on Benedryl. I paid the outrageous bill (thanks to buying a years supply of heartworm medicine) and we were on our way. 

My dad came around 6: 15 p.m. or so to pick me up for the Friday night MA game; but, alas, the aforementioned "cold front" that came through wasn't so cold and I was back in shorts for another warm Friday night at the stadium. The game was supremely boring as MA was up 50-0 at the half and we left after the homecoming queen was announced. Sadly, the gal we were rooting for didn't win. 

On Saturday morning, I was up bright and early to start the day and the cleaning of the house. I had an appointment to take my car to the dealership at 9:15 a.m. The week before, I had taken the car in to be diagnosed and the result was that the left wheel bearing needed to be replaced. So, the part was ordered and I took it in to be repaired. I caught a ride home thanks to Billy and the shuttle service offered by the dealership. I watched some football and did some more cleaning before finding out the car would be ready around 2:00 p.m. Billy picked me up and took me back to the dealership to pick up my car. 
Before leaving, I went and checked in with Justin who was working. Sadly, they weren't selling many cars. I'm guessing football Saturdays in the South is not a good time for car salesmen.

I made it back home an hour or so before the Alabama kick-off and spend the rest of the evening watching football and tending to The Pip. Prednisone makes her kind of lethargic and mopey. So she wasn't too wild and rambunctious over the weekend. That evening, I did open the windows of the house for a while. My neighbors had an outdoor fire, I had football on TV and there was a slight breeze in the air. It was the slightest hint of fall, a tease of the good weather to come. 

Sunday morning was the usual trip to church and then the grocery store and then home for lunch and I did some cooking in the afternoon for a get together I'm hosting Monday night. That afternoon, I rode back to church with Paul and Leah for the Huddles kick-off for the 2014-15 school year. Huddles is a program we have at church with the youth kids. Since our youth group is so large, designated adults are Huddles leaders to help develop closer relationships with the kids and help to insure that no kids fall through the cracks. I'm a 9th grade leader and Paul and Leah have 11th grade. This is my first year helping out and I think it's going to be a lot of fun and and interesting experience. Huddles meets once a month for a time of fellowship and a devotional. I'm looking forward to seeing what this year brings.

Needless to say, it was a rather busy weekend as most fall weekends are. I'm definitely looking forward to cooler weather and bringing our the long sleeve shirts, hot chocolate, and cider. There's no better time of year!

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