Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Tervis Tumbler

I have to share with y'all a story of great customer service. It has to do with y very first and favorite Tervis Tumbler. Tervis is a brand of double walled tumblers that I'm sure you've seen in stores and in the hands of your friends and family members. They keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold and they are just generally all around great. They also come with a lifetime warranty. If your Tervis stops working, gets a crack, etc. they will replace it free of charge. 

I purchased my first Tervis at the 93rd PGA Championship in Atlanta back in 2011. It was the only souvenir I purchased from the tournament and I have used that Tervis more times than I can count. A few months ago, I noticed that there was water between the two walls of my tumbler. I  was so sad about ti because it is my favorite Tervis and has great memories for me and I didn't want to have to throw it out. I knew about the lifetime warranty, but didn't want a replacement, I wanted a new tumbler with the PGA Championship logo in it. 

Finally, last month, I contacted Tervis to see if they could take the emblem out of my Tervis and put it in a new one and what do you know, they could! I filled out a return form, mailed it to them in a bubble envelope and about three weeks later, my new and improved Tervis arrived in the mail. They were able to take out the emblem and put it in a new tumbler and I didn't have to pay one penny. 

I'm so glad to have my favorite Tervis back in action looking as good as new. If you have ever thought about purchasing a Tervis but were concerned about paying a high price for the tumbler, do it. The customer service alone if worth the price. I have been and will continue to be a repeat customer. 

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