Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dogsitting Dilemmas - Solved!

I'm heading out of town soon as it is once again time for my annual vacation with my dad. This year we are heading to Washington, D.C., our nation's capital. I haven't been to DC in ages. We went when I was either 10 or 12 which was 1987 or 1989. I honestly can't remember when it was; but, I do remember that I enjoyed it despite the fact I have yet to find a picture of myself smiling on the trip. I'm beginning to think I was a grumpy kid. Anyway, DC has a lot of offer in the forms of museums and monuments and even more so than they did in the 1980s and so I'm looking forward to the trip and I think I will appreciate it a lot more at the age of 38 than I did as a grumpy pre-teen. 

The upcoming trip presented me with a dilemma in regards to Pippa. I didn't want to leave her at the vet's office again this year because as you may recall, that didn't work out so well last year. When I picked her up last year, she had no voice because she had barked the whole time I was gone. I paid extra for her to receive special attention and she was so frazzled when I picked her up, I'm inclined to think she received no special treatment. The Pip is a kind of dog that likes to be around people and also be free and I hate the thought of her being couped up in a crate all day, especially now that she has freedom from the crate at home. So, I have been on a mission to find a solution to the age old question, "What should I do about Pippa?" 

I had a friend who used to stay at my house with The Tide when I went out of town, but she has since gotten married and I doubt she would want to leave her husband and her own dogs to come stay with Pippa; so, I marked her off the list. One of the nurses at my chiropractor's office has kept Pippa for me before, but her dog, Hooch, is very old and probably in the last stages of life and so I marked her off the list too. Since my dad is going with me, I marked him off the list and the girl who stayed at my house and watched Pippa when I went to the Biltmore a few weeks ago couldn't do it so she was marked of the list too. I was basically starting from scratch. 

One of the ladies at my chiropractor's office recommended a friend of hers who does dogsitting in her home. So, I contacted that lady and set up an interview for this past Saturday. I took Pippa to her house to meet her and her dog, Scooter. My first impression was of the backyard and it wasn't that great. Scooter was a poodle but was very dirty and the backyard seemed a little unkempt as well so I was skeptical. She then asked if I wanted to go inside and so I did. The house smelled like animal and was filthy. I have a nose that can smell things a mile away and I thought I might gag while I was there. Thankfully I kept it together. There was pet hair all over the floors and clutter everywhere and dust an inch thick. As someone who dusts every week and vacuums and mops multiple times a week, I was horrified. She invited me to sit down and I politely did, much to my chagrin. Pippa sniffed around and I don't know if her allergies were acting crazy of what, but by the time we left, she had slobber all over her muzzle which usually only happens after she has been running round outside acting a fool. 

Needless to say, I was torn because I certainly didn't want to leave her in a dirty smelly house (even if the people were going to take good care of her) but I was running out of options. Fast forward to Sunday night when I went out to dinner with the Denney's. Mrs. D. and I have birthdays one week apart and her sweet husband had agreed to take us out for dinner to celebrate; but, with the bad weather and conflicting schedules, we haven't been able to set a date until this past Sunday night. We talked about all sorts of things and somewhere along the way, she mentioned that their granddaughter K dog sits for people in their homes. She is in college at UAH and pet sits for extra money. She will stay at your house and will even let the dogs sleep with her. Y'all, it was like a sign from God. I got so excited I almost leaped out of the booth. I got Kelly's number and called her not long after I got home. Thankfully she is available the dates I'm going to be gone and she is going to stay at the house with Pippa and Pippa will be able to stay at home and will have someone to cuddle up to at night. 
Mrs. D. and K are coming by Tuesday night to meet Pippa and ask any questions about routines, etc. 

I'm so happy that this has worked out so well. I hate leaving my house empty for long periods of time and so I'm glad K will be able to stay there and Pippa will be able to stay home too. It could not have worked out any better. 

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Erika said...

And that is why I'm glad I don't have a pet....LOL!!!
Happy that you found someone that can stay at your house; I'm sure Pippa would prefer that if she could tell you :)