Wednesday, March 25, 2015

There Goes The Neighborhood

Some new neighbors moved in this week and for once, I don't have to worry about who they are or what kind of ruckus they'll bring to the street. These new neighbors moved in four houses down across the street and I'm thrilled to welcome them to my hood. It's my cousin Anna and her husband Randy! They are moving here from Birmingham as they are both done with school (for now) and I hope they enjoy their time on our little street in Huntsville's hippiest neighborhood. 

A few months ago, Anna asked me if there were any houses for rent in my area and there were, there are always a few houses for rent and so I passed along some information. I don't know if she and Randy looked at any places at that time or not, but I guess they decided the liked the area. I guess I had mentioned at some point that the house across the street was empty and a rental (this is the house that has seen many a strange neighbor from Panties to Homeskillet) and so a few weeks ago, she asked me if it was available. I managed to get the owner's phone number from my neighbor Jeff and gave him a call to get some details. He was thinking about selling, but decided he would let Anna and Randy look at it (so gracious). That same day, the house down the street became available and so I got that phone number and passed it along to Anna as well. 

Anna and Randy looked at the house across the street, the house down the road, and a few others in a different part of town. The biggest house in the price range happened to be the one down the street and they made a verbal commit to the landlady. They moved in on Tuesday of this week and I'm super excited to have them as neighbors. With's Anna's move to the hood, there are now four of us Parker cousins living within a one mile radius of each other. I think it is so crazy and fun that we have all managed to live so close to each other in such an eclectic part of town. Just as Five Points is diverse, so are our personalities and we all fit well in our unique area of town.

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Erika said...

always nice to have family close by!