Monday, September 21, 2015

Computerless, New Hair and Other Weekend News

I was without a computer over the weekend (kind of) and so no posts until today. So, I guess I'll start with the computer situation. 

I am the owner of three laptops, which, considering I am one person, is yes, a bit excessive. Laptop 1 is about 8-10 years old (I'm guessing) and operates on Windows Vista. It's been a great computer, but is super slow and weighs probably 10 pounds. The only thing I use it for these days is music downloads. It holds my iTunes and is my only method of updating my iPod. Yes, I need to back that up because otherwise I'm losing a lifetime of music. I may have just had a small panic attack at the thought of that. 

Laptop 2 was acquired in 2011. It was actually won in 2011. I won it from a blog I used to read. It's a smaller laptop and has been the one I've primarily used since I first got it. It started experiencing some hardware issues earlier this year and is basically kaput now. Thankfully my friend Matt can pull everything off the hard drive for me because again, no backup. 

Laptop 3 was bought earlier this year, just a few months ago in fact. The aforementioned Matt had it over the weekend to clean up some pop ups I was getting that came installed on the computer because they were driving me crazy. He was also going to install Windows 10 for me, but that didn't happen because I'm in a queue; so, it will happen some time, just not some time soon. 

However, now it's Monday and Matt forgot to bring my computer back to me at work and so I'm going to be forced to use the old beast (Laptop 1) to try and get this post posted. It might take me three hours to post it, but I'll give it my best shot. If you are reading this on a Monday night or Tuesday morning, then you'll know it worked. I'll also be sending Matt a reminder to bring Laptop 3 back because I've got schoolwork this week for which it will be needed. So, that's the story of the laptops. First world problems, friends. First world problems.  

As for the weekend, Friday night I met my parents' at the MA game. That's right, parents. I'm pleased as punch to say that my mom got out and joined us on what turned out to be a cool evening. Mother has been getting up and out more at the direction of her doctor and I think she's looking better and hopefully feeling better too. So, keep up the good work of getting up and getting out, Mother. It makes me proud! The game wasn't the most exciting, but we did stay til the end because Colbert County played their hearts out and gave MA a run for their money. I think the final score was 20-13. 
Saturday morning I did some exciting laundry and finished the last two episodes of season four of Homeland. 

Y'all, I have never screamed and gasped out loud so many times in any other movie or show as I did in season four. I know I've mentioned on here before how much I love this show. I don't have Showtime, so I never get to see the seasons until I purchase them and they arrive at my house each September. I said I wasn't going to binge watch this season. I usually lock myself in my house on a Saturday and watch all 12 episodes; but, this time I limited myself and watched one episode a night until the last half of the season and it quickly went to two episodes because I couldn't stand the cliff hangers. All I know is this season was the best since maybe season one and clearly I feel like I missed my calling. There's no doubt I should have been a CIA agent. Wonder if it's too late? 

Late morning I went to the salon and had some red and dark brown highlights put in my hair, which, of course, two people noticed. Hey, that's okay, I notice, and I am happy with it. I'm still getting used to the new hair style I've had for a few months now which one person noticed. I'm beginning to think I blend in with the walls. Can't decide if I like it or hate it. There are more layers and it's shorter and harder to style. It's hit or miss on whether it looks decent. 

After the hair appointment I went up to Monte Sano for the Monte Sano Arts Festival. There were a ton of people there and I had been warned that the traffic was terrible. So, I parked a mile away from the park and walked in. There were lots of vendors and some really nice selections, but it was hot as all get out and so that's exactly what I did - got out. After 45 minutes or so I made my way back to the car, picked up a pizza from Big Ed's and went home for the night. We will not make mention of any Saturday football games. 

That pretty much sums up the weekend. Sunday was church and Sunday night dinner with the cousins which, as always was a great way to end the weekend festivities. I've got a busy week on the agenda just taking care of work, school, and personal errands such as taking Pip to the vet and mowing grass and then this coming up weekend is full of activities which are sure to make for good blogging material. Until next time...


Erika said...

I'm so glad your mom went with y'all to the M.A. game!!! I'm glad she's obeying Dr.'s orders and getting out more.

I can't wait to see your hair :)

Candy said...

That picture in your foils made me laugh out loud. Can't wait to see the new color. Glad your mom was able to get out and enjoy some fresh air!