Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend! Mine was good and busy and there just were not nearly enough hours in the weekend to get everything done I wanted to get done. Of course, if I had cut out some of my napping, that might have been a different story, but I doubt it. 

The weekend got kicked off on Friday night with a trip to New Hope with my dad for a football game. MA was out of town and so we ventured over to the big city to watch them blow out Geraldine. We still had a good time though and saw some folks that we knew. Before the game my dad grilled steaks which were good, It had been a while since I had a steak and so it was very much appreciated. 

Saturday morning I got up and started on laundry and then met my friend Lauren at the gym for Body Pump. After class was over I went by the store to pick up a handful of items and then got a small white pizza from Big Ed's which was delicious. I took a nap and did more laundry and some cleaning and then that evening went over to my Aunt Linda's house for dinner and the Bama game. I stayed through half time and then went home to watch the second half so I could work on more laundry. When I got home I had even more to clean up because I left my pillow on the couch and of course Pippa decided to tear it up. If I had a dollar for every pillow she has shredded, I'd have about $6 which doesn't even cover the cost of a pillow. So, that was my bad, but still frustrating. 

Sunday was church, per usual. For lunch I grilled a burger (don't you love these details) and afterwards took a nap because there's nothing better than a Sunday nap. That evening I went to my cousin Lauren's house for dinner and we had our first Halloween planning committee meeting with her four-year old son Greer in charge. It was a much more productive meeting than some work meetings I have so kudos to G for getting things done. I am in charge of games and Anna is in charge of music. We are all looking forward to a fun night. 

Monday I went for a hike on Monte Sano with my friends Leah and Amber. We hiked for a couple of hours and probably would have gone a little longer except I was getting a blister on my heel thanks to my shoes which love to slide up and down on the back of my foot. I didn't even think about them giving me a blister, but they did. After the hike, I mowed the grass and then showered and went over to my parents' house for ribs. No one seemed to eat much, including myself because I still had another stop on my day's agenda. The last stop of the day was at my cousin's house where there were a house full of people and we enjoyed hanging out and talking and eating burgers and hot dogs. 

I finally managed to make it home around 8:15 where I finished up some laundry and went to bed. Believe it or not, I managed to squeeze in some school work over the weekend too. So, it was super busy but also productive. Hope yours was good as well!

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Erika said...

Sounds like a fun, busy weekend. Pippa is quite the destroyer, it seems. By the way - you can get TWO pillows at Dollar General for $6.00 :) and shockingly they are halfway comfy to sleep on. :)
Glad you had a good weekend.