Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Slide The City 2015

If you live in Huntsville then you probably heard that this past weekend an event took place called Slide the City. Slide the City is basically a giant slip and slide that is set up on a street in the middle of your city. They go to different cities and this year they came to Huntsville. I was rather excited when I saw that Slide the City was coming to Huntsville and bought my ticket back in June before the prices started going up. I knew I would want to slide more than one time, but not all day; so, I bought a triple slider pass for $25.

Finally, the day arrived and this past Saturday my cousins Anna and Lauren and I headed downtown. I was the only one who was going to slide. Anna and Lauren were there for moral support and to hold on to my personal belongings. (Thanks, y'all!) The slide opened at 11:00 a.m. for VIPs and at noon for those of us who did not buy a VIP package. We arrived downtown a little after noon and I found the end of the line to begin my journey to the top of the slide. After about an hour and a half in line, it was finally time to slide. I went down the right hand side because Anna and Lauren were standing on that side and they wanted to get pictures. Unfortunately, there wasn't as much water going down the right hand slide and so I kept getting stuck. They had volunteers along the way to help push people along who got stuck. So, it was fun, but not as wonderful as I had pictured in my head. In fact, I didn't even make it to the end and was laughing so hard, I just gave up and got off the slide. 

Anna asked if I was going again to which I replied, "no." I was not keen on standing in line for an hour and a half two more times and Anna had ridden with me so I didn't want to keep her from being able to go home; so, the three of us left. Lauren suggested I keep my wristband on and come back later in the day when the Bama game was on and that maybe the crowd would be smaller or even try and come back on Sunday. When I got home, I watched the end of the Auburn game and when it was over, I drive back downtown to see if the lines were any shorter - they were not. So, I decided to just go home, shower and call it a day as far as slipping and sliding down Huntsville streets was concerned. 

Sunday after church I went to the grocery store and then home to eat lunch and when I was checking Twitter, I saw that there was a mention that the lines were short for Slide the City. I confirmed that since I hadn't used all my slides on Saturday I could use my wristband on Sunday and quickly changed into my swimsuit and headed downtown. What a difference a day made! The lines were incredibly short and I was able to slide three times in about 30 minutes. I went down the middle slide which Lauren had determined the day before had more water on it and made it to the bottom all three times without getting stuck or needing help. It was so much fun!

I'm so glad I went back on Sunday to finish out my slides. It made the $25 spent totally worth it and redeemed my experience from Saturday. I'm so glad Huntsville is bringing events like this to the city. People seem to enjoy these types of events and everyone seems to be having so much fun! Huntsville is such a fun place to work and play and I'm glad to call it home! 

All photos below except the last one courtesy of Anna. 


Candy said...

That is great! I loved seeing the pictures! Andrew and I talked about doing it but couldn't justify the prices for both of us. I would have loved to watch and cheer you on, I probably would have been laughing too! 😊

Erika said...

I was way too cheap to do this but maybe next time :) Glad you got to go back without having to wait in line so long!!