Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cleaning Out The Attic

I need to begin by saying I should have taken some before and after pictures, but sadly I did not. Hind sight is 20/20 as they say. The last time my dad and I cleaned out the attic at my parents' house was probably 10 years ago. In the time since then, the attic has acquired a lot of junk. We started working on cleaning it out again earlier this summer on one of those rare cool Saturdays. We didn't get too much done that day. We did manage to put down some new plywood just so we would have somewhere to move things so that we could get a start. Justin had a lot of furniture and things up there so we moved all of his items to the new plywood and called it a day. I think Justin and my dad worked up there one day and Justin threw a few things out. 

This past Saturday, we decided to tackle it again. There still wasn't much room to walk around up there, but before the day was out things were looking a lot better than they did to start the day. There was a large pile of stuff in the middle section of the attic and we got that section cleaned out. Some of the items were thrown away, others were sent down the stairs to be put in the garage sale at the end of the month and a few things were kept in the attic. The middle section actually had carpet on it and we wanted to vacuum, but there isn't an outlet up in the attic and we couldn't find a working extension cord. So, next week when we do some more work up there I'll bring an extension cord with me so we can do some vacuuming. 

We found carpet and linoleum remnants from when the house was first built. The linoleum and carpet found in the attic had been replaced years ago so there was definitely no need to keep those items any longer. So, we hauled those out to the street. There were also a random assortment of cheap curtain rods up there and all of those got tossed as well. By the time a few hours had passed, we had finished cleaning out most things. The main thing we didn't tackle was the Christmas decorations and we plan to go through those come Christmastime. 

We'll finish up purging the attic next Saturday and will start pricing stuff for what will surely be the last garage sale of 2015. Here's to hoping we sell a lot of treasures. 

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