Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Concert Was A Bust

So, this past Friday night I had tickets to a concert. The concert was in Huntsville, which is weird because usually people I like don't make it to Huntsville for a concert. The person who was performing was Jason Isbell. I bought my tickets the day they went on sale and have really been looking forward to the show for a long time. 

I asked my friend Nevin to go with me. We always have fun when we hang out and so I thought he would make a good date for the night. He came by to pick me up and we went by Taco Mama for dinner. I'm a big Taco Mama fan, but for whatever reason the food was just okay on Friday. It might have had something to do with the fact that there were no seats inside and we had to sit outside where it was cold, the wind was blowing and it was sprinkling rain. It would have been nice if Taco Mama had maybe put up the outdoor umbrellas for us, but I guess that was too much to ask. I was also a little miffed because Nevin didn't offer to pay for my dinner. He was getting a free concert, after all so it would only have been the right thing to do; but, then we must remember that he is 26 and young and immature and these are all the reasons why we would never be a good match. It's just all so much more than my old self can tolerate. 

After dinner we made our way to the VBC and I paid for parking because Nevin didn't have any cash (are you beginning to see a pattern here and maybe why I was beginning to be in a bad mood. Lesson learned I hope). The other person playing that night was John Prine, who I had never heard of. So, I wasn't in a big hurry to go inside because I didn't know any of Prine's songs and figured we would go in after Prine played and just listed to Isbell. So, after sitting out in the lobby and people watching for 30 minutes, I caught on to one of the songs being sung and realized that Isbell was actually playing at that moment. We went inside, walked over 20 people to our seats and heard three songs before Isbell's set was over. As it turned out, Isbell was the opening act and Prine the headliner and as I've mentioned, I have never heard of Prine and had no desire to hear him. We asked the man next to us if Prine was any good and didn't get a resounding yes. The man told us Prine was in his 70s and he doubted his voice was any good at this point. So, with that, we left. At that point, I was just not in a good mood and was ready to be home in my warm bed and so that's where I went. 

Yes, that's right, I bought concert tickets and heard about three songs. It was very disappointing to say the least. We should have gone in to see who was playing before assuming it was Prine. Apparently a lot of people were upset about it because I heard people rumbling about it in the lobby and Isbell made mention of it on Twitter. Seeing as how he is from Green Hill in North Alabama, I think more people were there to see him and were also disappointed when it was discovered he wasn't headlining. To top it off, that afternoon I sent off my second set of tickets for his show at the Ryman because I had sold them on Stub Hub that morning. Really, I'm not too torn up about that because I made really good money on the tickets and had decided I just didn't want to go to Nashville for a show on a football Saturday; but, still, it was kind of laughable. On the bright side, I think Isbell has a promising career ahead of him and I'm sure I'll get to see him perform more than three songs at a show some time in the future. 


Erika said...

So disappointing :(

I'm telling you - older men are definitely the way to go ;)

Candy said...

Well that stinks! Sorry you missed most of his act. I would have been so disappointed!