Monday, October 19, 2015

The 12th Annual Liz Hurley Ribbon Run

Saturday morning was the 12th annual Liz Hurley Ribbon Run and honestly at this point, I've lost count of how many years I've participated in this race. Maybe six, seven, eight? I just really don't know. I didn't think I would have anyone to walk or hang out with this year, but then remembered that my friend from church Emily had participated last year and so on Friday night I sent her a text and asked if she would be my walking buddy (that is, if she were planning to walk). She agreed and we set a meeting place for Saturday morning. 

Emily's mom had breast cancer in 2011, but is doing great now and so Emily, her mom and brothers have done the race for the past four years. I parked in the Blossomwood neighborhood and walked over to the school and walked and shuffled through a  sea of pink to find Emily her mom and brother and some of her mom's friends. We started towards the back of the group and finished in about an hour or so. I've got to start walking more because I think I get slower every year! Emily and I spent the whole race talking and catching up. She and I have been friends for a few years but don't see each other all that much. She has kept Pippa for me a time or two and I usually just see her at church so it was good to be able to spend some time with her one on one. After he race was over I grabbed some goodies, otherwise known as breakfast, and then walked back to my car. I was back home before 9:30 a.m. and was able to take a late morning nap before tackling the rest of the days activities. 

I heard there were about 6,000 participants this year. The team than raised the most money raised close to $12,000 all for a great cause - to fight breast cancer and buy some great equipment for the Huntsville Breast Center. I love seeing so many people come together for such a fun event and a worthy cause!

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