Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Updating You on Stuff That You Probably Don't Care About

There's not much news to report from the weekend. Friday I went to a football game and Saturday I finished cleaning out the attic at my parents' house. On Sunday I went to church. That's about it. So, here's some updates on things you probably don't care or didn't know you care about. 

I'm two months into the fall semester of school and so far I am really enjoying it. I'm taking one full class and a half class that's required for the program; so, the load the semester hasn't been too bad. The full-time class has been great. The information has been very interesting and I've enjoyed learning about different styles of management and how to deal with different personalities, etc. I've done well on all my quizzes and assignments so far and right now have an A in the class. We have our big assignments, term test and group project due in the coming weeks so the majority of the grade has yet to be determined. I've laid out a schedule for myself so I can stay on track with everything. The next three weeks in particular are jammed packed with reading and assignments and quizzes so I'm glad I don't have too much going on socially and plan to keep it that way. 

The one thing I've disliked most about this class is the book we are reading for our case study. I just cannot get into it and am finding it to be exceptionally boring. So, I've made a day-by-day schedule of what chapters I need to read to be finished by November 1 so I can contribute to the group project which is due in late November. I'm hoping that if I just sit down and start tackling the book per the schedule I've made that I'll enjoy it a bit more. So far I've just been reading about how the company got started and it hasn't peaked my interest in the least. 

The one hour credit class, which is an intro to the MBA program, has been fairly easy. I've had to read some articles from Bloomburg Businessweek and discuss my thoughts about the articles. The quizzes for this class have been about our thoughts regarding the program and we had to complete an ethical leadership program. So, it hasn't been bad at all which has been great because the fall seems to be the busiest time of year and I was concerned how I would balance everything. I have decided that I will only take one class in the fall next year as well since I seem to have so much going on. I plan to take two classes in spring and summer, but haven't decided what those will be yet; although I need to figure it out soon because registration for spring classed takes place in a couple of weeks. Crazy!

The addition at my parent's house is complete. I did not do a very good job of chronicling it as it was being built, unfortunately. My granddad moved in a week or so ago and I wish I had taken a picture before he moved in because you would have been able to see it clean and nice and neat which isn't always the case when someone is living in a space. My dad is super thankful to once again have a bed to sleep on after sleeping on an air mattress or a couch for the last few months. 

We are almost finished with gathering and pricing items for my parents' upcoming garage sale. Y'all, this is my last garage sale of 2015 and for that I am thankful! We got the last items down from the attic last weekend and I started pricing things. We have a few more things to go through and price this upcoming weekend and then we should be done with everything except the actual sale which is taking place on October 24 from 7-11. I've put an ad on Craig's list with pictures so I'm hoping that helps bring out some people. We will have bicycles, a wheelchair, a hospital bed, dishes, games, puzzles and various and sundry other items for sale. I have a few items in this one as well and am hoping to clear about $50. I'm setting that as my goal. Fingers crossed. 

I think that will do for the random updates for now. Hope everyone is having a good week! 

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Erika said...

I'll have to put the yard sale on my calendar!