Thursday, September 9, 2010

So Mysterious!

What's inside?

Last week Erika sent me an email that said, “Have you heard of They are clearing out their warehouse, and offering mystery boxes!!! They offer them in specific amounts and you don't know what you get! I couldn't resist :) They guarantee the value of the box to be more than you pay, I just hope I like what's in mine. I'm such a sucker!”

Well, Apparently I’m a sucker too because as soon as she sent the email, I went over to the Delight web site and bought a $15 mystery box. I am always intrigued by these types of things. When Woot has a mystery shirt, I pretty much always buy one – the thrill is in the surprise of it all. So, I thought I would give this Delight mystery box a try and see what types of goodies I would get.

I let Erika know I ordered one as well and she said that we should wait and open them together – just for you readers! She’s always thinking of the readers first! I agreed that that was a swell idea.

The next day, we got our tracking numbers and found out our packages would be arriving on Friday. I emailed Erika and asked her (since she doesn’t get off work until 5:00 and I was covering football that night) if she could hold on until Saturday before opening her package. As luck would have it she was headed out of town on Saturday and wouldn’t be able to meet up for the revealing of the mystery boxes. So, we tentatively decided on opening the packages Sunday afternoon – that is if we both could wait that long; curiosity killed the cat, you know.

Since it was the Friday before a holiday weekend, Erika was able to go home all of one hour early on Friday, meaning she was able to leave work at 4:00. She gave me a call to see if she could come over with her mystery box so we could open them together and check out what was inside. I said, sure, no problem, come on over.

Erika arrived a few minutes later and we put our boxes on the table and revealed the mystery inside.

Erika’s box contained a Kleen Kanteen, an iced tea maker, speakers for an iPod that looked like a Lego (color – gold), some post it notes, and a lolli-pop. (She bought the $50 box)

My box contained iPod speakers that looked like a Lego (color – yellow), a Smencil (a pencil that smelled like cotton candy), a lolli-pop, and some ear buds for iPod or other device that had a “diamond” gem on the actual earpiece – a little gaudy for my taste, but I think Erika liked them. Not that Erika’s gaudy, she just likes bling!

So, the mystery has been revealed. I doubt I will ever buy another mystery box from Delight – I was kind of disappointed with my mysterious goods. Erika liked all of hers for the most part. She said her lolli-pop was really good and she has used the ice tea maker and said it actually works – I think she was a little apprehensive about the quality and whether or not it would actually work.

All of Erika's mystery box goodies

It was fun to do this one time just to see what kind of goodies were inside, plus it gave me some things to use when playing “Dirty Santa” come Christmas time.

Natasha's latest Dirty Santa gifts - except for maybe the Smencil,
and then again I might try out the Lego speaker just to see if it works.

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Erika said...

Haha - If I had an Ipod I would have stolen your rhinestone earbuds!
I'm with you - this was fun, but I doubt I'll do it again. I liked what I got, but never would have bought them of my own accord.
For all you readers, I received a Yummy Earth Organic Strawberry Smash lollipop, and it is the best lollipop I have ever had!