Thursday, September 23, 2010

Your Questions About P's Drunk Driving Answered

There were a couple of questions posted in the comments section of the post about P and her drunk driving self slamming in to my car last Saturday night. So, I thought I would answer them here in case some of you don’t check or read the comments.

1. What are the red plastic looking things under the car? They are pieces of P’s tail light from her Honda. From what I understand, her car is a lot worse off than mine. Apparently her back bumper is dented in and has a lot of turquoise paint on it and I guess she has a busted tail light as well. I haven’t actually seen her car; this is what I heard from Jeff and the police. But I know the red tail lights are hers because there is some turquoise paint on one piece and it says Honda on it which is what her car is.

2. What would you do without Jeff??? I don’t know! Ya’ll Jeff is the best neighbor ever! We trade food, music (just this week I burned some CDs for him that he asked for), he alerts me to any suspicious activity at my house (like when Erika comes by in a black SUV to drop off Harry Potter books), and it is really enjoyable to talk to him. He is a very interesting character and he also knows all the neighborhood gossip. As Jackie said, I hit the jackpot with him as a neighbor.

3. How old is P? I don’t know her exact age, but via Jeff, she is in her 50s – clearly of an age to know better than to be out drinking and driving.

Completely off the subject, but I thought Kimberly would like to know – this week’s game is at Hazel Green. I’ll be taking my own chair, but will have a concession stand review for you next week.

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