Friday, November 12, 2010

Concession Stand Review - Madison Academy

Last Friday night I didn’t have to work and so I went out to Madison Academy with my dad for the Mustangs’ game against Sheffield. It was the first time I have been to Madison Academy this season and I was looking forward to it for many reasons, one of which was the concession stand!

Madison Academy has a great concession stand. My friend, Temple, runs the concession stand at MA and has for a few years now and she does a great job. They are very efficient and have really good food. I guess I could be biased, but I think it’s one of the best concession stands in Madison County!

Before the game started, I went down and got a hamburger and some popcorn. The burgers at MA are grilled and are $2. It was really tasty, just as I expected it would be. The popcorn ($1) got cold before I could eat it but that’s only because it was about 30 degrees outside and nothing is going to stay warm in that kind of weather. I also had a Diet Coke – I’m sure you are astounded at this. MA sells sodas in cans and they are $1 each. Normally I wouldn’t pay $1 for a canned soda, but when you’re at the concession stand, you don’t have much choice. Truth be told you probably get more soda than you do when you get a cup with ice and soda and the cost of that is usually $1 as well, so you are more than likely coming out ahead in the amount of soda you are getting with a can.

At halftime I had some nachos ($2) and my dad had a chili cheese dog ($2). The nachos were fresh and I think you all know I love that “fake” cheese and my dad said his chili cheese dog, “Wasn’t bad”.

The highest price menu item is $3 and if I remember correctly that was for a chicken sandwich. MA’s unique item is Italian Ice which is also $3 or two for $5.

As expected, the concession stand experience at MA was a success and I’ll be eating my dinner there again tonight when the Mustangs take on Lauderdale County. I can almost taste the hamburger right now.

Final Grade: A+

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