Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Moview Review - Secretariat

This past Sunday I went to the movies for the first time since August! Yes, August! I can hardly believe it myself; but, it is football season, after all. I went with my parents to see Secretariat – and it was really a very good movie.

If you know anything at all about horse racing then you probably know that Secretariat won the Triple Crown in 1973. Since that time, there have only been two other Triple Crown winners, Seattle Slew in 1977 and Affirmed in 1978.

While you may think the movie is about the horse, and it is, it is actually more about the woman who owned Secretariat, Penny Chenery Tweedy, played by Diane Lane. Tweedy was a housewife, raising four children when she became the owner of Secretariat. I found her story to be quite fascinating and motivating and don’t want to give too much away here in case you want to read about her story or go see the movie. Chenery hired Lucian Laurin, portrayed by John Malkovich to train the horse and she flew back and forth between her family farm in Virginia and her home with her husband and children in Denver while training and racing Secretariat. She had a lot of business savvy and whit about her and you can’t help but cheer for her throughout the film.

The movie was distributed by Disney Films and is truly a good clean family film that you can take your children to without having to worry about language or nudity or any other scandalous thing.

The actors did a really fantastic job of portraying their characters and the horse was absolutely beautiful. My heart actually starting racing each time the horse ran a race. I found it to be exciting.

If you’re looking for a nice film to see with your family this upcoming holiday weekend, I would definitely recommend Secretariat. You will not be disappointed.

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Erika said...

I LOVED this movie, too. It's a great family film, and just goes to prove you don't have to have vulgar language and half-naked people to make a good film :)
I also really enjoyed all the "retro" clothing and how her house was decorated, etc. But then I can be a dork. haha