Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ladies’ Night Out Costume Party

A few weeks back I wrote a post about what I should be for Halloween and then let you dear readers vote. Then I backstabbed you and went with a costume that you didn’t pick ; but, hopefully you forgave me since you are back reading again today.

The costume was needed for the 4th Annual Ladies’ Night Out Costume Party and I went as a beekeeper. Here I am in all my beekeeping regalia. I pinned some netting on my khaki hat and then put some bees on it; safety pinned some bees to my clothes, wore my rain boots and some gloves and voila – beekeeper! I could only find pink gloves so I’m obviously a very fashionable beekeeper.

A lot of people dressed up for the party and I always love to see what everyone comes up with. Janet came as a rug rat – she had mouse ears on her head and wore a bath rug over her clothes. I thought that was very clever. I don’t have a picture of her outfit.

Dena came as a pirate and her mother, Ruth came as a scary old lady – not sure if the scary old lady has an official name or not.

We were also visited by a cute little lady bug named Reaghan.

The winners of the costumer contest were Elaine who came as a construction worker, Pam who was a pregnant mummy, and Ms. Emma who came all gussied up in her Red Hat Society get-up.

In addition to the costume contest, we had loads of food. There were witches hats (blue tortilla chips with garnish), hot dog mummies, scary homemade candies, eyeballs and ghosts. You name it, we probably had it. It was a fun night full of friends, food and fellowship!


Melissa said...

Cute post....I love the food pictures. I considered making the Nutter Butter ghost cookies, but ran out of time. I like easy cute holiday snacks.

Erika said...

Your costume turned out great! Those Nutter Butter cookies are cute; I almost made some of those.

Candy said...

You are looking good Ms Nat! I like the costume. Maybe next year you can be the devil with a blue dress :)

Kimberly Washer said...

Cute costume! I love those eyeball things. They look like they were hard to make!