Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some Updates and Links for You

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted any updates on here. Things have been rather busy, can you tell? Busy is good, but it can also be tiring – I’m sure you all know what I mean.

Charlie’s fire pit has returned to his back yard – As you may recall, my neighbor Charlie has a fire pit and earlier this year when he moved in, he would sit outside and smoke cigars and drink wine while sitting out at the fire pit all by his lonesome. The fire pit disappeared over the summer, and quite frankly so did Charlie. He was scarce to be found and rumor has it that he has a lake house. I assume the fire pit accompanied Charlie at the lake, but now that the weather has cooled off, the fire pit has returned and so has Charlie. He’s already had it burning strong one night this week. The man wastes no time!

Blue – My car, Blue, is at the shop being repaired this week. When I first took her in for an estimate, it looked like she might be totaled, but alas, she is not, and she is being repaired as I type. I will be driving that turquoise accident magnet again before long. In the mean time, I am driving a silver Volkswagen Jetta, which is one of the cars I have always wanted. It’s been a lot of fun driving the Jetta and I’m hoping it takes a few more days before Blue is retuned to me – no offense, Blue!

This week and next is our United Way campaign at work. You may recall that last year, Erika helped me bake and decorate an award winning cake. Tomorrow is this year’s cake contest and I will spend this evening decorating my cake for the contest. I baked it this morning while I was getting ready for work. So, it should be ready to go this evening when I get home. I just hope it turns out like I’ve got it pictured in my mind.

For those of you wondering, my college roommate, Melissa, finished her 3-day 60-mile walk for breast cancer. You can read about her adventures here (day one), here (day two) and here (day three). I’m really proud of her for making it the entire three days and 60 miles! I’m not sure I could have done it.

My friend Kimberly and her husband Gary spent a few days in India recently and they helped convert a lot of souls to Christ while they were there, which is no small feat! These two are living in Malaysia for a few months and Kimberly always has something interesting to write about on her blog. I especially loved this post about a recent dining experience she and Gary had. Right now she is trying to encourage Gary to write a blog of his own. Check out this post and then send Gary and email with some word of encouragement.

My friend Caroline and her Hero Hubs, Mark, recently had their Canon stolen. You can read about how it came to be stolen here. They are asking friends to email Canon, asking Canon to donate a new camera to them. Here’s Caroline’s post to Canon. Read it and send Canon an email. These two are doing great work for the Lord and extra money for a nice camera is hard to come by.

Speaking of people in the mission field, Allison and Barton have been in Peru now for over a year, which is hard to believe because it seems just like yesterday that they moved from the States. You can read about their work in Peru here.

How is it that I came to know so many people in the mission field? Is this a sign of being old?

My foot has not been getting any better and so I am having surgery on Thursday, December 2. Hopefully the surgery will correct the problem and I will be able to walk without pain in a few months time.

I suppose that’s it for now, or at least all I can think of at the moment. As always, thanks for your comments. It’s always nice to hear what you have to say! Have a good day!


Melissa said...

Love the linky post. Thanks for including my blog. I should do a similar post - with my favorite links!!

Candy said...

I love Jettas! I've always wanted one so I'm a little jealous that you are cruising around in one while I'm driving my old mother mini van :(

Kimberly Washer said...

I just enjoy driving different cars. You have really gotten some good test drives while Blue has been getting fixed these past few months. You will know exactly what you want when it comes down to the time you have to buy a new car. Thanks for all the updates!! This was a fun read! I love that you put my post about encouraging Gary!!! HAHA!!