Monday, February 7, 2011

The Final Birthday Party

Well, we finally wrapped up the birthday celebration this past Saturday evening when my parents had an old fashioned birthday party for me. By old fashioned I mean I had some friends over, we ate a lot of food, and we played games and made fools of ourselves. The only thing that would have made it exactly like my birthday parties of days gone by would have been if we had all spent the night, and of course if our metabolism was still as fast as it used to be, but slow metabolisms come with age I guess.

My three grandparents, Jackie, Maria, Erika, my parents and I gathered about 5:00 and ate a dinner of grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, coleslaw, deviled eggs, baked beans and French fries. For dessert, there was my favorite – cookie cake. After dinner was over we sat around and talked for a bit and opened presents. I got the headband I am wearing from my parents – a little girl that goes to church with them makes them and sells them for $5; so, we sent a little business her way. I also got a purse, Birkenstocks, and a couple of travel bags for my upcoming trip as well as a picture frame and a gift card to Barnes and Noble. After the presents were revealed, we decided to play a little Wii. My Parker grandparents had gone home at this point; so, they obviously missed out on all the fun.

I had asked Jackie to bring Just Dance because she had told me what fun it was to play and boy was she right. The four of us girls danced and worked up a sweat and laughed until we cried. It was entertaining for the observers as well. Jackie and I took a break for a song or two and my dad took my place on the dance floor. If you have a Wii and have not played this game you should borrow, rent (can you do that?) or buy it because it is a load of fun and will provide hours of entertainment and laughter.

We took a break from the dancing to slow our heart rates and cool down before taking on professional Wii bowler Deb. My mother loves to bowl on Wii and was ready to take us all down. I think we played three games and switched up the players a couple of times. Maria was on fire with the bowling and in the last game bowled eight strikes! EIGHT! Her final score was 232 in that game. She had a lot of strikes in the other games too, but that last game, she was unstoppable!

We finally ended the festivities around 10:00 p.m. when we all parted our ways. It was a really great party and I think everyone had a fun time! Thanks to my parents for hosting and to my friends for coming! Let’s do it again next year!

Getting ready to open presents

My Parker grandparents - they look thrilled to be there!

My dad and the mule

Erika, Maria and my granddad Bill

Mother - aka Deb - she really dressed up for the occasion!

We let children play with fire at my birthday parties!

Blowing out the candles


Playing Just Dance

More Just Dancing

The girls and Daddy Bill


Erika said...

I had so much fun at your party!
Thanks for not posting any pictures of me dripping with sweat :)

"Just Dance" is so fun, and let me tell you, quite the workout. My arms are sore today!

Glad you had such a good birthday with so many celebrations. Sign me up for next year's celebrations!

Jackie said...

I had a blast!! We definitely need to do this again next year!

Candy said...

Yay for another birthday celebration! The pictures of you guys going the just dance are hilarious. My sister and brother got it for Christmas and they love it. Everyone in the family has played...I promised I will do it once Rossin is born. Glad you had fun!

Mary McLaughlin said...

Oh how I wish I could have been there to see your dad dance!