Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thanks to Us, Dentists Drive Nice Cars

I apologize for the late post today. Posting has been the last thing on my mind as I have been preparing for a large meeting this afternoon. I cannot wait until it is over. I will be able to breathe easy again. At any rate, I wrote this post yesterday after my brief dentist visit because eI figured I wouldn’t have any time to write today. So, without further ado...

I know why dentists are rich – yowza does it cost a lot of money to get your teeth worked on! As you may know, I went to the dentist yesterday for a quick x-ray and evaluation on a tooth that has been bothering me for a few years. It was all quite bearable until a couple of weeks ago and now it’s on the side of more than mildly annoying and so something has to be done about it. So, after the evaluation which took only about five minutes, I was told the doctor is going to put a temporary crown on my tooth and if that is successful, it will be replaced by a permanent one. So, I went up front to check out and schedule the appointment and the receptionist told me it would be $400 on the day of the procedure – that’s with my insurance! It was at that moment that I fainted, wadded up into a fetal position and started dreaming of winning the lottery.

I told her I couldn’t afford that, which is only relatively speaking seeing as how I put almost 1/3 of my paycheck into my savings account which is funding my vacation to France this summer. The fact is that I’m not thrilled about sacrificing one of my savings deposits for some dental work; but, I suppose it must be done – at least if I want to be able to eat without wincing in pain each time a kernel of popcorn meanders over to the right side of my mouth.

Thankfully and graciously, my dentist’s office allowed me to set up a payment plan of four easy payments of $100 each; unfortunately there’s no “but wait, there’s more” offer coming with those easy payments. You’d think they could throw in a free cleaning or something.

This procedure is taking place on February 23 at 3:00 so is you happen to see me at church that night or any time over the course of the next few days, how about telling me my mouth looks like I just spent $400 on it – it at least might make me feel a little better.


Jackie said...

Well if you get a silver or gold crown people will definitely be telling you it looks like you spent $400 on it. Bling it out!!

Erika said...

LOL! Well, if you don't spend that $400 now, it's just going to cost you tons more than that down the road. That does seem like quite a lot, though.
p.s. If you get a gold crown, I think you should get one with a diamond accent :)

Candy said...

Ahh! I have to have a root canal and a crown. I think that last time I got a quote it was going to be like $1,000. That's why I've been putting it off. I think your crown needs to have a picture of The Tide in it :)