Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Huntsville Happenings and a Review of Tom Sawyer

Looking for something to do this weekend? How about some live entertainment in the form of a play?

This past Friday night, my friend Sabrina and I went to see Fantasy Playhouse’s production of Tom Sawyer. I am a season ticket holder and usually look forward to seeing the shows. I don’t know why, but for one reason or another, I wasn’t too fired up about Tom Sawyer; probably because it was a Friday night and unless it’s football season, I generally like to spend my Friday nights doing a whole lot of nothing.

The show started at 7:00 and we got there a few minutes before curtain. I was prepared with a wrap because it’s usually quite cold in the playhouse, but this time it really wasn’t too bad. The show started and Sabrina and I both had a hard time hearing what the folks on stage were saying. We kept asking one another, “What did he/she say?” The props were very minimal and when the large curtain was down in front and props were being changed behind the curtain it was really noisy. Some of the props were on casters and when the props were rolled out, it sounded liked thunder to me. I found it to be very distracting. The first act seemed to last way too long in my opinion and I kept wondering when intermission was going to arrive. I was craving a Diet Coke and that’s all I could think about.

Intermission finally came and since I only had $2, I had to settle for a drink at the water fountain, which wasn’t as delightful as a Diet Coke, but it at least parched my thirst for a brief moment.

The second act started and the sound had obviously been adjusted because we could hear better than we could during act one. The second act wasn’t as long as the first act, which was a welcome relief to this viewer who found this to be one of the most boring plays I have seen in a long while. In act one especially, I found myself nodding off. It just didn’t keep my attention.

Jackie took her kids on Sunday afternoon, and surprisingly, they said it was their favorite play so far. Since Fantasy shows are geared toward children, I guess Tom Sawyer worked in that regard seeing as how Troy and Ashlyn thought it was a good show. Jackie said the sound was really loud when they went on Sunday; so, obviously some adjustments were made from Friday night, which was opening night. I should have known better than to get opening night seats; the kinks are still being worked out on opening night.

Tom Sawyer continues this weekend with performances on Friday at 7:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday at 1:30 and 5:00 p.m. Tickets are only $12 and can be bought by calling 256-539-6829. The director of this show is Michelle Allen, who is actually a childhood friend of mine and Jackie’s. I realize I didn’t give this show the greatest review, but as I mentioned, Jackie’s kids really liked it so maybe your kids will too. Check it out if you get a chance!

Here are some other upcoming productions you may be interested in (click the link for more information):

Lee High presents Romeo and Juliet, February 25-27
Huntsville High presents The Wedding Singer, March 4 – 12
Grissom High presents Beauty and The Beast, March 18-27
Lee Lyric Theatre presents The Drowsy Chaperone, April 1-9

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Candy said...

My mom is taking Charity and Chandler to see Tom Sawyer today. I'm planning on taking JC the the upcoming Cinderella at the Playhouse.