Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father’s Day Luncheon

Well, after the Saturday Cooking Extravaganza, the time for eating came on Sunday after church. As mentioned, I had mixed up the icing for the cake when I got home on Saturday. So, Sunday morning, I loaded up my icing, buttermilk and corn meal and headed to church. Once I arrived at church, I put the icing and buttermilk in the fridge and hoped I wouldn’t forget afterwards. Thankfully, I didn’t.

When church was over, I headed to my parents’ house. My dad had timed the meatloaf per my instructions. I took it out and put ketchup on top and put the cornbread pan in the oven to warm up the oil. I also put the potatoes in the oven to warm and the green beans on the stove for the same purpose and plugged in the fry daddy to fry up the okra. I mixed up the cornbread and got the okra cooking and then had to set the table since my brother was concerned with his own plans, which apparently didn’t include helping (frustrating). What made me chuckle is that he had told my mom that he was going to call me and see if he needed to bring anything… he never called. Then when I asked him to set the table he said he had to go somewhere to pick up some supplies he had left at his last job site and would be back when lunch was done. I was less than pleased because I really could have used some help; but, that’s how it goes when you can’t rely on your only sibling.

Despite the fact I was flying solo, I managed to set the table, prepare everyone’s drinks, and get all the food on the table in a timely manner. I was even the first one to sit down! We started eating about 12:15 (I love it when a plan comes together) and by 1:00 I was cleaning up and washing dishes yet again. That’s how it goes.

I think everyone enjoyed the meal. I know my granddad Ben did. He had three helpings of okra and said, “This is the best meal I’ve eaten since I’ve been sick”. Now he’s been sick on and off for almost three years. So, that’s a long time to wait for a “best meal”. Not sure if he meant that long or not, but it made me laugh all the same.

While I was cleaning up, my dad got a call and had to go out to the hospital to be with the family of a man from church who is sick. The work of a preacher is never done I suppose. Some folks had cake but most people just took theirs to go and we all went our separate ways.

I meant to take my camera with me to get a picture of every thing but didn’t do it and also didn’t take one with my camera. Oh well – there’s always next year!


Erika said...

Are you tired of washing dishes yet?? I don't mind cooking but I hate doing dishes!
Your grandad's comment is so sweet! He must be feeling better if he's eating well :)
That was very nice of you to cook for everyone; I'm sure they appreciated it. You're a good daughter!!!

Sara said...

That all sounds really good! I HATE doing dishes. Boooo!

Jackie said...

You are such a good daughter!!