Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Ramblings

This week has been rather uneventful due to my having bronchitis. Today I am finally feeling a wee bit better although still not 100%. I was supposed to go to the Diana singing tonight as mentioned in a previous post, but am instead staying home to continue recuperating from my illness. I don’t think I could sing for very long and would cough through most of the songs if I went, which can be annoying.

Tomorrow is the big day as I am getting internet service installed at my house so there may be a rare Saturday post this weekend or maybe not; I don’t want to make any promises I might not keep. Either way, I will finally be a full fledged member of the 21st century. I’ve got to do some cleaning and some rearranging of items on my desk tonight before the installation man comes tomorrow.

This weekend, Jackie and I are going to see the movie Bridesmaids. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this movie (even from guys!) and am really looking forward to seeing it. Kristin Wiig alone is hilarious so I’m sure I will love it.

I’m having problems with my car, Blue, again. The brake lights on the fender are not working which can be a bit of a problem. It seems that the light in the back windshield is working fine but the ones on the fender aren’t working at all. My dad and I took it to Goodyear on Monday while I was home sick but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. So, when I go on my trip next month, I’ll be leaving it with my regular repair guy to see if he can find the source of the problem and get it fixed up for me.

I guess that’s all the news for today, which really isn’t much of anything but I didn’t want to head into the weekend without saying hello. Hopefully next week things will get back to normal around here. Have a great day!


Candy said...

Facebook friend request...pending :)

Sara said...

I wanna be your first friend on facebook! Please?!?

Sara said...

Okay, did we do that at the exact same time because it wasn't there when I started typing MY request for facebook.