Thursday, June 16, 2011

Saturday at Lowe(ll) Mill

This past Saturday, Jackie and I made plans and went to Lowe Mill. She had asked me earlier in the week about going and I told her if I felt better I would come along. I was ready to get out and do something different come Saturday and so off to Lowe Mill we went. Jackie had called it Lowell Mill in her emails to me, thus the title of this post.

Jackie’s cousin, Scott, was the reason we ended up on this little adventure. There was going to be a bike ride scavenger hunt starting at Lowe Mill and he asked us to meet up with him there. He rode his bike up to Lowe and sent us a text saying it was going to be an easy ride and we should bring our bikes; but, we didn’t. We opted to skip out on the bike ride scavenger hunt and thought Scott was going to skip out on it as well. We were actually under the impression we would be sitting around watching the teams come in, but that didn’t happen either since the scavenger hunt ended somewhere completely different from Lowe Mill.

Anyway, since neither of us had been there before, we decided to look around for a bit and see what we could see. A lot of the stores and such were closed, but the third floor was open and so we traipsed up there to take a look around. On the third floor is where all the art studios are. Various artists rent space and then work and sell their art out of the space. It was very interesting to say the least. There were lots of crazy pieces of art and in Jackie’s words, “It doesn’t even feel like we’re in Huntsville,” and it didn’t. Maybe more like San Francisco or something.

After we took a look around, we went back outside and found a spot on the grassy knoll to sit on and shoot the breeze. Scott came over with an air horn and about scared the pee out of me since I didn’t know he was right behind me when he blew the horn. After we had been sitting around for 30 minutes or so, we noticed the participants in the bike ride were all gone, including Scott, who as mentioned we thought was staying behind with us. Turns out he ended up going on the ride anyway.

A few minutes later, our friend Maria showed up and the three of us left and went to do what we do best… eat. We went to Po Boy factory and ate up on some seafood and had some of the worst service I have ever had there. One poor girl had a whole side of the restaurant to wait on and she was really lagging behind. But, we had a good time and enjoyed the time we had to spend catching up.

Lowe(ll) Mill has all kinds of activities throughout the week and on the weekend and is a very interesting place. If you live in the Huntsville area you might want to check it out some time. Here’s the link. Oh, and by the way, Scott also referred to it as Lowell Mill. Must run in the family.


Erika said...

I haven't been to Lowe Mill, but they do have some cool events sometimes. I'm sure the crowd is pretty eclectic!
I need to get out more and explore my city!

Jackie said...

haha good post! You forgot the "okaaaaaay" from the waitress..LOL!!!