Monday, May 13, 2013

Book Review: Simply Delicious Amish Cooking

As you may or may not know, I love to cook and so when I saw that Booksneeze was offering "Simply Delicious Amish Cooking" for bloggers to review, I immediately jumped on the opportunity and ordered my copy the moment it became available. I was anxious to see what types of recipes would be offered and was also looking forward to reading a little about the Amish people of Sarasota, Florida. The author, you see, is a member of this Amish community and until I read a preview of the book I didn't even know there were Amish people in Sarasota. 

The book was compiled by Sherry Gore, a member of the Amish community in Sarasota. She opens the book with an introduction describing how it was she came to write the cookbook. She also describes "What Makes Amish Cooking So Special" and also tells us a bit about who the Amish and Mennonite people are. Ms. Gore then provides the reader with a brief description of the Pinecraft Community of Amish people in Sarasota. 

After providing the reader with this lovely introduction, the recipes begin. The following sections are included in the book: Breads and Rolls, Breakfast, Appetizers and Beverages, Soups and Salads, Vegetables and Side Dishes, Meat and Main Dishes, Seafood, Cookies and Bars, Pies, Cakes and Frostings, Desserts, and finally This and That. Each recipe contains simple ingredients and easy to follow instructions, which is the essence of Amish cooking. The recipes are not only from the Amish people of the Sarasota, but also included are recipes from Amish people in other communities as well. Scattered amongst the recipes are stories from Amish people which are related to the recipes in the book. 

The book is very well put together with over 300 recipes your family is sure to enjoy. The book is spiral bound making it very easy to lay open when cooking. "Simply Delicious Amish Cooking" is very similar to a cookbook you may receive from your own church congregation and would be a great addition to any cookbook lover's collection. 

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