Thursday, May 16, 2013

It Didn't Exactly Go As Planned

Well, my plan was to put up a post when I got in last night; but y’all the day definitely did not go as planned and I’m about to tell you all about it.

I woke up Wednesday morning not feeling so great, my stomach was a little queasy and I was a little concerned. I went ahead and got ready for the day and we went downstairs for breakfast. I didn’t eat very much and then bought a Sprite before we headed out for the day. We went to Hollywood and walked around at the Hollywood Walk of Fame and also the Grauman’s Chinese Theater and then we went on a tour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

The tour was in an open top van that seated 15. I was on one side of a row, my dad in the middle and a guy from Austria on the other side of him. The tour was full and the sun was bright. When the sun wasn’t hidden by a cloud it was rather warm in fact. I don’t know if it was my queasy stomach alone or if it was that in combination with the hot sun, the zig-zagging around at crazy speeds or what, but about halfway through the tour I knew I was going to lose my breakfast.

Sure enough, as we were driving down some busy road in Beverly Hills, I had to lean over the side of the van and let it all go, probably hitting some $300,000 car in the process. Thankfully some kind Canadians from Toronto (I’m always being saved by Canadians from Toronto) had some cold towels and a water that they generously gave to my dad to give to me.

I managed to make it through the rest of the tour as I felt much better afterwards. Once the tour was over, I went to a CVS to get a Diet Coke, a hairbrush and some gum. I then met my dad at the car and we headed over to Burbank for the filming of the Jay Leno Show. I wasn’t sure how it would go for me, but I was going to give it my best.

On the way my dad got a hot dog to hold him over until dinner, but I still wasn’t up for eating so I took a pass. We finally found the parking lot after much bopping and weaving through the streets of Burbank and then lined up with the rest of the folks waiting. We made it in to the final holding area around 2:00 and heard they were going to start letting people in about 3:00. It was also about 3:00 that I thought whatever contents left in my stomach might come up again and so I ran to a trash can and some nice lady found a security guard for me. He found a chair for me to sit down and one of the workers at the show brought me out some cold paper towels and a 7-Up. Side note – they had cold water and lemonade while in line which I thought was super nice.

I sat in the chair as they started letting people in and the folks at Leno checked on me periodically. They didn’t want me to have to run out puking during the show I guess. Thankfully I felt some better and we made it in to the show, but just barely. I think we were two of the last maybe 10 people who got in.

The show was a lot of fun to watch and if I had been feeling better I think I would have enjoyed it immensely. The taping lasted about an hour and 15 minutes. The guests were Usher, Ken Offerman and the band The Pyramids.

After the show was over we drove back to the hotel in rush hour traffic. I guess it took us about 30 minutes to get back, maybe 40. I came on in to the hotel, but my dad went to get some dinner. I had an extremely high fever and chills and my arms looked like lobsters from the exposure to the sun earlier in the day. About 7:45 I got concerned about my dad because he had gone out to eat around 6:00 and I figured he would have been back. I called him and he was lost. I looked at the map and told him where we was and that he needed to turn around and apparently he passed the street to the hotel once again. Long story short, he finally made it back a little before 9:00.

I managed to get some sleep throughout the night which was a blessing. So far today I am feeling a little better and we will soon go down and give breakfast a try. We are doing a Warner Brothers studio tour today at 11:45 and then we are attending the taping of The Ellen Show this afternoon. I’m looking forward to a fun day and praying that my stomach holds its contents.


Erika said...

Oh no!!! You must be well for Ellen!

Jackie said...

Oh man I am so sorry!!! Love the pics especially of Whiskey A Go Go:-)Hope the rest is smooth sailing.