Thursday, May 2, 2013

Photos from My Phone - May 2013 Edition

Here's the latest group of photos from my phone...

This was taken one afternoon when I got home from work. I make my bed in the mornings, but inevitably The Tide gets back into the bed. Most days she will pull back the covers at the head of the bed and sleep by the pillows, but on this day she decided the foot of the bed would be a more comfortable place to spend the day.

This is a photo of my Grandmother on what would have been my Papa's 81st birthday. I went out to eat with her and my aunt that evening at Blue Plate Cafe and we had a lovely time together.

This photo is of Troy and Sydney and was taken a few weeks ago. This was taken the day after Sydney declared that Troy is her boyfriend. Who knows what the future holds?

 Yum! Sushi! This plate of deliciousness came from I Love Sushi on a night a few weeks ago when I decided to treat myself. 

This is a photo of our tickets to the Giants game in San Fransisco later this month. It's one of the fun events my dad and I have planned for our vacation. We leave in less than two weeks! 

After the storm blew my shed away, the foot of my bed was left exposed to the elements. It had already started crumbling away because my old shed leaked. I propped it up against the fence and took this photo which I really like for some reason. 

These marshmallows were made by my friend Matt's wife. Matt and I work together and he had been telling me how Esther was on a homemade marshmallow kick and was making all sorts of flavors. I asked him to bring me some and he hooked me up with some blueberry white tea flavored ones which were delicious. Also inside (and the one on top) was chocolate mint with coconut but since I'm not a fan of coconut I gave that one to someone else. 

 The Tide loves food and she is relentless in her quest to beg food off of anyone, even a four-year-old. Sydney held her own though and is really good about not giving The Tide human food. 

This time of year it seems like I'm always driving behind one landscape truck or another.

Eating a creamcicle and watching a movie.

One day last week I walked into my bathroom when I got home from work and it was rather apparent that my dad had made an appearance earlier in the day. 

A few weeks ago we were expected to have a day full of bad storms and tornadoes so I got my supplies out in case the power went out. Thankfully we never lost power and didn't have too bad of a stormy day. 

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Erika said...

I love random photos :) My favorite of this bunch is definitely of The Tide waiting for a crumb to drop off Sydney's plate...those ears!!!
Sydney in her little chair cracks me up.
Troy was a very good sport to have his picture made with his new girlfriend :)