Thursday, May 9, 2013

She Was A Good Ole Dog!

There are countless things that I will miss about The Tide, too many to name in one blog post. If I even tried to think of them all, I'm sure I would forget something. What I miss most at the moment is having her take every step that I did, snuggling on the couch and being there beside me through the night. She was a great comfort and a lot of company to me. So, instead of trying to put together thoughts and memories of my own, I thought I would ask my family and friends to share some of their best memories and stories of the Tide.

From my Dad: She took her first long road trip with me, Charlotte (NC) to Huntsville. I think she ate her first burger compliments of me - a hamburger from Wendy's. Her first night at our house - she was ok until I took her outside the next morning. When I brought The Tide back in and left her to get a shower, she ate a hole in my wall. I taught her to roll over and how to bark when I said, "guard us". I always thought it so funny that The Tide, who weighed 70 lbs, could not jump over six inches high. Because of her surgeries when she was a puppy she didn't realize she could jump, so a very small object would contain her. Finally, I was happy to know that when strangers came around she would bow up to protect Natasha. 

From my Aunt Linda: Loved the way she would smile at you.  I always thought she was growling, but she was smiling.

From Erika: The Tide...I always remember her not being too happy when I sat in her chair, and her giving me the stink eye. But, once a crumb hit the floor she seemed to be okay with it. I will always remember her adorable ears - one up and one down - and the way she could lick a plate clean. I think she liked to eat as much as I do - although not quite as picky as me as she loved to eat paper towels and Kleenex if memory serves! She was a sweet dog and it will not be the same at your house without her. 

From my Aunt Al: I can remember when Debbie and I came to visit you in NC and The Tide was just a puppy. I had the pallet made in the floor and I would hide under the covers and yell her name or make a barking sound and she would run back and forth from me to you on the couch. All my visits to see you and The Tide she would always go get me a sock or some piece of laundry to play tug of war with her. When you would bring her to your parents' and she could not get traction on the hardwood floors and would be trying her best to run and get something. Your dad teaching her tricks like rolling over. You and her leaving your apartment in North Carolina "in the middle of the night" because she had destroyed the apartment

From Jackie: My favorite memory is from a Saturday. You and I were laying in your bed watching Rent. Clearly I was laying in her spot because she went and got a sock out of the laundry and put it right in my face. Then she got in the bed and wiggled around until she pushed me out of it. Note from Natasha - I think I can also speak for Jackie by saying that Jackie loved to give The Tide all sorts of food whether The Tide needed it or not. 

From Kendra: Loved The Tide's ears. And the night me and Erika were over watching Downton Abbey when The Tide would not leave the kitchen alone! Something was in those vents!  (The Rodent!)

From Candy: My favorite memory of The Tide was her ears. One was always pointed up and the other was flopped over. I always loved getting your cards in the mail at Christmas time and seeing her adorable ears. They always made Andrew and I giggle. 

From Tony: I guess first and foremost would be the "smiling". That still cracks me up to this day. I swear at first I didn't know whether she was happy to see me or if she wasn't. It also cracks me up thinking how she would get in her chair and open the door with her nose to see what was going on outside. Also how it was nearly impossible to take her for a walk because everything in the outside world got her excited and she wanted to see every bit of it...all at once. She was such a good dog. I know she will be missed.

From My Mom:
One of my favorite memories of The Tide was when I came to see you in North Carolina after you got her and we would take her outside and "I taught her how to bark." Note from Natasha - this is true, y'all! The Tide never barked until my mom came to visit. 

From My Granddad Bill: I will remember how The Tide was so good while we were driving back to North Carolina and she was just a pup. I will remember how she liked to have her belly rubbed. She was the sweetest dog I think I have ever known and she gave back double the love we gave her.

Sydney said she liked giving The Tide treats and she told her mother that The Tide was playing with Papa (in heaven). While my Papa wasn't too crazy about The Tide, I can truly picture her sitting at his feet while he is whittling on a stick sitting in a lawn chair in the heat of summer. That, my friends, sounds like heaven. 

Thanks to all of you for sharing a memory. It has been a comfort to me, The Tide's mamma.


Kimberly Washer said...

What a great tribute!!

Jackie said...

So sweet!

Candy said...

Loved reading each memory. How sweet. You should print them out and frame around a picture of The Tide.

Erika said...

Awe; such good memories to take comfort in.
Thinking of you.

Margaret Stabler said...

I am so sorry that Tide is gone. It is hard, we've done it and tears still come. Sending hugs to you.