Friday, October 4, 2013

5th Annual Huntsville Area Rainbow Omega Dinner

Thursday night was the 5th annual Rainbow Omega fundraising dinner at the Davidson Center for Space Exploration in Huntsville, and as always, it was a great event for a worthy cause.
Jackie's dad usually is able to come down for the event but because he had a vacation already scheduled, he was unable to attend. He still helped sponsor a table, along with Jackie's mom and step-dad, and they all graciously allowed me to join them. Since Jackie was flying solo, she came by the house and picked me up for the event. I knew she was going to be at my house around 6:30 so I took Pippa outside a few minuted before so that she would be all situated for the next few hours. Well, of course, she would take this opportunity to crawl under the fence and run around like a wild child in the neighbor's yard. So, I went after her, almost tripping and falling on my face in the process. Thankfully I had some treats in my hand and was able to lure her in with the smell of tasty treats. Jeff from across the street came to help too probably because he saw I was all dressed up and chasing after that crazy pup. She's gonna be the death of me, y'all! 
I managed to get Pippa in the crate and soon after Jackie arrived and we were on our way. The parking lot at the Davidson Center was packed which was a good sign. The entrance was different this year than it has been in the past and our friend Christa quickly found us and told us which table was ours. We saw a ton of people we knew, including the most important guest, Jackie's cousin, Little Mickey. Jackie's Uncle Mickey took a photo of all of us, but I, unfortunately did not get one. We visited with various people and then found our seats and the dinner was soon underway. 
For dinner we had a salad, chicken with a mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes and vegetables and for dessert there was a decadent chocolate cake or raspberry cheesecake. The food was really quite good. After dinner we received a brief update of the past year at Rainbow Omega and then watched a video about some of the residents there. After the video presentation, the keynote speaker, Dr. Benjamin Carson, addressed the crowd. He was very soft spoken but really had a lovely, inspiring, and honest message and I think it was one of the best speakers they have had at the dinners. 
The Lieutenant Governor of the great state of Alabama was there and also spoke about her personal affection for Rainbow Omega and presented Dr. Carson with an honorary award. The night was a huge success. Jackie's step-dad who is on the planning committee said it was the largest crowd they had ever had at the Huntsville dinner. I am not sure how much money they raised, but I hope it was a lot because it is such a worthy cause.  
Jackie and I left right after the event was over. She had to relieve her babysitter, and I had to relieve the pup...or something like that. It was such a wonderful night, one of the best from the past few years. I really enjoyed listening to Dr. Carson and I think everyone else did too. If you are looking for a great cause for which to donate, please consider Rainbow Omega where I assure you, your funds will be put to good use.

 Jackie and Me

Jackie and her mom


Kimberly Washer said...

I am loving Jackie's dress!! That picture of y'all is great!!

Melissa said...

Y'all look so pretty :)

Erika said...

Y'all look soooo pretty!!!! Natasha, that dress and that color look fabulous on you!
Jackie - love the dress! You look so pretty!
Glad this was such a successful event.

Erika said...

Mrs. Jan looks pretty too :)

And Natasha - your hair looks good!

Jackie said...

Thanks so much for being my date:-)
I had a great time and the food was delish! BTW mom said the picture Uncle Mickey took of us 3 is REALLY good. I will make sure and get you a copy.