Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Costume Has Been Found

Please allow me to apologize in advance for how sparse the blogging will be this week, and really has been in general for that matter. Things at work have been so busy that I hardly even have time for a bathroom break and I don't have a computer at home that will hook up to the internet at the moment (long story) so that rules out trying to post anything from home. So, I will try my best to post a little something here and there when I might have a whole minute to myself.
This past weekend was rather low-key and also rather unproductive as I got little to nothing done around the house, but that's how it goes sometimes I suppose. Pippa did not have a training class as the trainer was on vacation and so that left the afternoon open. Jackie and the kids came by around 11:15 a.m. and we made a trip to The Way Thrift Store on University Drive. For those of you who live in the area, they are now in the building that was once occupied by LifeWay and the store is very clean and organized. I had some items I wanted to drop off (and probably have a ton more that need to be) and Jackie and I also wanted to shop for our Downton Abbey Halloween costumes. The kids also perused the shelves for various and sundry items. 
As luck would have it, both Jackie and I found great outfits to wear for our party. I would tell you who we are going as, but the other participants read this blog and I think it is supposed to be a surprise because I have no idea who everyone else is going as. Rest assured, however, that come the night of the party, I will be taking photos of everyone and posting them on the blog. It's sure to be a fun night! I had a few accessories to buy to accompany the bargain from the thrift store and found those items on eBay so I'm all set with the exception of one item which I hope to borrow from a member of Jackie's family. Jackie found almost her whole outfit at the store and is in need of just a couple of items and I think she was going to look on eBay for those as well. I really am so excited about this party and cannot wait to tell you all about it! 
After our adventure at the thrift store, we stopped downtown for some lunch at Sam and Greg's. Troy wasn't keen on pizza and so he got a burger from Three Skillets which he did not enjoy. I've heard good things about Three Skillets so I was surprised his burger wasn't good. It was a nice sunny afternoon with a slight breeze blowing and we enjoyed our lunch outside while watching people pass through the streets of downtown. 
Once we were done with lunch, we headed back to my house where the kids played with Pippa for a while before heading home. I spent some of the afternoon doing laundry, but most of the time was spent napping. Saturdays has apparently become the day I try to catch up on all my lost sleep from the week. 
That evening I went over to my Aunt Linda's house to watch the Alabama game with her and my cousin Chris. It was just the three of us and it was a relaxed evening and was a good time for us to catch up on this, that and the other. We had Moe's Bar-B-Que for dinner and Nothing Bundt Cake for dessert and it was just a really enjoyable time with two of my favorite people. I left a little before the game was over so I could get home and let Pippa out to run around for a while before bedtime. 
So, it was a fun and low-key sort of Saturday spent with friends and family. Hope your weekend was good as well!


Erika said...

I have got to get going on my costume...have not really thought about it too much, and I'm not too good at that kind of thing anyways....I cannot wait to see what you and Jackie have come up with!
Low-key weekends are nice, especially when spent with people you love :)

Jackie said...

I'm so excited about this costume party it's ridiculous. I feel like a little kids again. We had a good time hanging out Saturday.