Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs

As I was driving around town on Saturday, I happened to notice a couple of signs and for whatever reason, those two signs have made an imprint on my brain. So, despite these signs being a small portion of today's rambling on, they prompted the title of this post. 

The first was as I was driving Pippa to PetSmart. I saw a person dressed as a clown on the side of the road holding a sign. I looked over and the sign read, "Honk if You Love Halloween!" and since I do, in fact, love Halloween, I gave a honk and then I gave a little laugh because I thought it was hilarious - it clearly doesn't take much to amuse me. 

The second sign I saw was after we left PetSmart and were on the way to pick up a pizza. I saw a lady on the side of the road waving a sign. She was standing in a driveway and there was what looked like a yard sale that had taken place earlier in the day. I figured the sign would say something about a yard sale but was surprised when I looked over and saw that the sign said, "Free Stuff". So, either there had been a yard sale earlier in the day and the lady had decided to just give the remaining things away for free and if that was the case then the people who bought stuff at the sale earlier in the day got a raw deal. The other thought that crossed my mind was that perhaps this lady got mad at her husband or boyfriend and decided to drag all his stuff out and offer it for free. I doubt this second scenario was the case, but thinking it might be gave me quite the chuckle. 

I finally got around to decorating for Halloween over the weekend. I was wondering how it would go with Pippa trying to be all up in the decorating business, but it actually went okay. I only had to chase her a few times when she grabbed paper that various items had been wrapped in. I purchased some pumpkins and mums and got those all set out on the porch. I am officially ready for cold weather and changing leaves as well as ghosts and goblins. 

Speaking of Halloween, some friends and I are having a Downton Abbey costume party later this month and I am very excited to see what kind of costume everyone comes up with. It's sure to be a fun evening and I will definitely be sharing some photos. 

Monday night I got into the baking spirit and made some pumpkin cookies and brought them in to work the next day. They are actually more like little cakes, but they were very good and the recipe can be found here if you are interested. The weather has been cool at night and so I also decided on tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner. It's a classic and I love it! It's perfect for cool fall nights!


Jackie said...

The cookies were the bomb and your porch looks awesome like always!!!

Erika said...

Your porch looks cute - you have a great porch for decorating :)
I was thinking about my costume last night...I've got to re-watch some episodes for inspiration. I wish I still had this black lacy long dress I wore in high school....of course it would take 3 of them to fit me know!!! Can't decide if I want to go "upstairs" or "downstairs" with my costume.