Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Second Annual Favorite Things Christmas Party

Monday night I hosted my closest girlfriends for our Christmas party. Since last year's favorite things themed party was such a big hit, we decided to do the same thing this year. In addition to the favorite things, we also decided to wear our tacky Christmas sweaters and that was a big hit as well. As you may recall, last year's party was somewhat of a bust as there were only two attendees (other than myself) for the longest time and then a third joined us. So, this year, I emailed everyone back in the summer and asked them to save the date, circle it on their calendars because I wanted everyone to be there. 

The party was slated for a 6:30 p.m. start and there were to be five of us, including myself, in attendance. I had planned to leave work around 4:30, but it was closer to 5:00 before I managed to make my escape which means I was rushing around like crazy trying to get everything done. In the meantime, I received a text from Jackie saying she would not be able to make it. She was not feeling well and had spent the afternoon at the doctor's office; so, we excused her with sadness. 

Everyone else arrived right on time and I finished things up in the kitchen and we soon began to eat. I made Little Smokies in a Blanket and Buffalo Chicken Dip. Erika brought Chicken Salad. Kendra made chocolate-caramel brownies and pickle roll-ups, and Candy brought Rotel Cheese Dip. All of the food was yummy and we stuffed our bellies until we could eat no more. Isn't party food the best?

We sat around talking about this, that and the other, just enjoying each others company when Candy received a text from her husband about her oldest son. She had told us earlier in the night that she had taken him to the doctor earlier in the day because his stomach had been aching for a few days and the doctor sent her home with basically no medicine and I won't get into all the details because you didn't bargain for all of that when you logged on here today. Long story short, Candy's husband called a second time and her little one had gotten very sick and she left so that she and her husband could take him to the hospital. 

Before Candy left though, we quickly exchanged our gifts. First, I drew a number for the door prize which went to Erika. She received a Downton Abbey Christmas ornament which was very lovely if I do say so myself. As was the case last year, we were asked to spend $5 or less on each person in the group, getting everyone the same thing. Since I love cooking, I gave everyone a set of ceramic measuring spoons, the same ones I gave away on the blog earlier this year. Kendra gave each of us a $5 Starbucks gift card, an excellent choice if I do say so myself. From Erika we received a package of her favorite cotton swabs to use on our faces as well as a little bag filled with all manner of manicure items (file, buffer, polish remover cloths) and a candy cane ink pen. Candy loves Yankee Candles and so she gave us all an adorable Christmas votive with a Yankee candle inside. Believe it or not, no one brought lip balm as their favorite thing!

After we all opened our gifts, Candy left us and our party was once again like it was last year, with the three of us (me, Erika and Kendra) hanging out; maybe one year we will all be able to get together without interruption of sickness. Despite the fact that some of us were absent (but there in spirit) and others had to rush off to their sick babies (who will hopefully be feeling better soon), we still had a fun night. I'm very thankful to have this great group of friends in my life. God has truly blessed me with wonderful friends. 

Because of how crazy the night was, I only managed to get one picture - of Erika with her door prize!


Melissa said...

sounds like a very fun party!!! I am curious about the pickle are those made? They sound good.

Jackie said...

Hate I missed it! Congrats Erika!

Erika said...

I LOVE my Downton ornament; it has a prominent spot on my tree. Remind me never to have my picture made from the side, btw!
It was a really fun night and I just love the favorite things idea! I have already been burning my candle, and I hung my spoons in my kitchen as a little decorative touch. I'm saving Starbucks for the day I wrap up my shopping :) Thanks for hosting us; your house looked super cute and Christmasy-even without The Grinch pieces.