Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend 2013 Recap

Happy December everyone! Can you believe we have reached the last month of the year and that there are only 28 days left in the year as I type this? It doesn't seem possible, but it is. 

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. Mine was rather low-key and uneventful which was nice. I was in charge of making the dressing, rolls and coleslaw and also made a dessert. I believe that this year's dressing was my best ever. It's never the same twice, but this year's was top notch. Hopefully I can duplicate it at Christmas time because last year's Christmas dressing might have been my worst ever. 

We ate at 1:00 and after about an hour, half the guests had parted ways and gone to their next destination. My grandmother and another lady cleaned up the kitchen and I helped only marginally. I really don't even know if you could consider it helping. I left about 3:45 and took some food over to my Aunt Linda who did not get out because she had eye surgery earlier in the week. When I got there, my cousins Chris, Amy and Bennett were also there and we all got sucked into watching Family Feud. So, after about two hours of the Feud, I headed home to deal with my wild as a buck dog and the messy kitchen. 

On Black Friday, my dad and I got out for a little while. We have been hitting the Black Friday sales since I was in college and used to wake early in the morning to score gift cards and giveaways. Now that the sales start on Thursday (ridiculous) we miss out on what few freebies there are and so this year we got our latest start ever at around 9:00 a.m.

Our first stop was Wal-Mart and we got a front parking spot which would have been unheard of two years ago. I bought myself a small Christmas tree for my den and an even smaller on for my bedroom. The trees were not expensive and were an additional 30% that Friday, so I got both for $27.50 - not bad. I got these because I decided that with Pippa around a regular sized tree would not be a good idea. Instead I put the small tree on top of the chest in my den so that she (in theory) wouldn't be able to reach it. I am also not putting out my favorite Grinch pieces because I don't want them to end up broken. Hopefully next year they can make a return appearance. 

After our Wal-Mart stop, we went to Dick's Sporting Goods because my dad likes to load up on the $5 golf gloves and golf balls. I bought some socks because the majority of my athletic socks are worn thin or have holes n them and I am way overdue for some new ones. We then went by Belk where we were lucky to find a parking spot. I had bought myself a new purse a few weeks ago and when my grandma saw it on Thanksgiving she asked if she could have it. So, I went and bought her the exact same one. They only had one left so it was a lucky find. 

We left Belk and went to another Wal-Mart and then went back to the first Wal-Mart we had been to that morning and finally my dad decided on a TV for my mom. This is not a surprise as he delivered it to her upon our return. The rest of Friday was spent doing a whole lot of nothing - just TV watching and laundry and a little cleaning. 

Saturday morning I took Pip to the vet to get her weighed and buy a heartworm pill for the month. She weighed 32.6 pounds, which is only eight pounds more than she weighed in October. I'm beginning to wonder if she might not turn out as big as I had originally thought. I guess time will tell. That afternoon was the now infamous Iron Bowl which I watched at my Aunt Linda's with Chris and Bennett and Amy (for the last quarter or so). Alabama played terrible so I wasn't really surprised they lost. I guess that's why they play the game. 

I went home afterwards and watched a movie and did some laundry and then called it a night. Sunday was more of the same - church and being lazy and church again and then Monday I returned to work. 

Hope you enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving with those you love and that your plates and hearts were full.

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