Monday, April 14, 2014

The First Pitch

I'm sure you all are just dying to know how the first pitch went and I'm here to tell you that it went great. In case you didn't know, I threw out the first pitch at the Huntsville Stars game last Thursday night. I won a contest on Twitter back in March and had been anxiously awaiting April 10 ever since I found out.

I had let all my friends know about the big night and some of my family as well and was hoping for a big crowd at The Joe. I wasn't exactly sure how far 60 feet was but figured it had to be shorter than the length of my backyard. I throw ball with The Pip sometimes and know I can throw the distance of the backyard; so, I thought I would be okay but was still nervous about making a complete fool of myself.

Jackie and the kids met me at the stadium around 5:30 (the game started at 6:30) so that we could throw the ball around some before going in. After about three throws she determined that I was going to have no problem at all and so we packed up our balls and gloves and went on in to the stadium.

One by one my friends started trickling in. I was also surprised by my cousin Brittany, her husband Bob Robert and of course, the famous Sydney. I didn't know they knew about the big night and so it was a really nice surprise to see them there and it was very special that they thought to come out.

At 6:00 I went down to the third base dugout and reported for first pitch duty. There was also a guy that came down and he was throwing the first pitch as well. I guess they do a girl and a guy. I'm not sure what time it was when we took the field, but they announced us over the loudspeakers and I was up first. I heard all my friends cheering and could see them all sitting in the upper deck. I threw a really great first pitch. It was straight over the plate and into the catcher's mitt. I was very pleased that I didn't make a fool of myself. The guy went after me and he tried to showboat and threw it straight into the dirt and it bounced past the pitcher. I wanted to laugh and heckle him, but was a good sport and didn't give him a hard time.

After my five seconds of fame was up, I went to sit with my friends and was so thankful they were there supporting me. Sadly, my parents, brother and some of my cousins got there right after it was over; but, they made the effort to get there and show their support and I appreciate it. Some of my friends got there late as well. In all, I think there were about 30 or so people who came out to cheer me on and I felt really loved. I really appreciate all of you who came out. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Most everyone stayed for the game, and people left in shifts. By the time the eighth inning rolled around, Jackie and the kids, Erika, my cousin Alexandra and Indigo and her friend Paul and I were were the only ones left. It was such a fun evening and the weather was great as well. I don't think we could have asked for a better night at the ballpark. I had such a nice time that I think I will go to another game at some point this season. I had not been to a Stars game in close to 20 years, but it's a really fun and inexpensive way to spend an evening or an afternoon.

The first pitch was a great experience and I'm so glad it went well. It may not be the major league, but it was still a lot of fun and a night I will never forget.

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Jackie said...

So glad we got to be there. It was a lot of fun.