Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Musings From The Road

Troy entertained us with his headrest crown.

Of course, I knew there would be some things I would leave out when I wrote my Holiday World recap. Here are some funny things seen and heard on our trip:

While in “The Rental”, on the way up to Holiday World, we were listening to Troy declare his love for Selena Gomez and then he began to sing one of her songs, “Round and Round” for us.
I asked him, “What is a love life?”
His response: “I have no idea!”

I can’t remember what prompted this one, but I think I told Troy if he didn’t act right we were going to take him somewhere and leave him.
His response: “I don’t want to go to an orphanage!”

The adults are complaining more than the kids for a change!” – Dalton, Melissa’s son.

I don’t know how many of you have been to a water park recently but let me tell you, I don’t know if I have ever seen so many people with tattoos in my life. I think I saw more tattoos on this trip than I have in my whole lifetime. I also saw way more of some people than I ever cared to see. If you want to feel great about the way you look, go to a water park.

I finally was able to donwload the picture of the toilet from my phone and lighten it up a little bit:

Cool, huh?

If I think of anything else, I'll add it to the list but right now I feel like my brain is fried and I can't think of anything else that was funny or that I left out of the original post. The reason I don't have many pictures is because I didn't take my big camera - you know, what with the water and everything. I had some small cameras that I brought with me and took zero pictures with them. I'll just have to remember everything in my head... except for the toilet! I have proof of it's loveliness! Ya'll have a good day!


Janice said...

O.k. I know I was in the van but didn't see the picture or him putting it on his head. Do remember the conversation. We really didn't take any pictures either. Tim got two at the beginning but he needs to take the rest of the pictures before we develop them. I guess we will do that in Ft. Lauderdale while visiting Jason.
Keep the blog going I love reading it.
Love you

Candy said...

That is one cool pot.