Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Well, I’ve been home for almost two whole days now and am still adjusting to normalcy. I went in to work on Monday and made it through the whole day without falling asleep on the keyboard which was a huge accomplishment in my opinion. After work, I went and got a pedicure – after two weeks of walking what felt like 10 miles a day, my feet needed some pampering. So, I spared no expense and went for the luxury pedicure which was worth every penny.

After the pedicure, I went and picked up my luggage from my parents’ house. Thankfully, it had been delivered earlier in the day. Once I got home, I unpacked the dirty clothes and started on the laundry. I also dug out all of the things I brought back with me which are now piled up on my desk. I hope to go through them tonight and separate out gifts from personal treasures. I still have a few things left in the suitcase that need to be put away and I hope to get all of that done tonight as well.

I had good intentions of getting a lot done last night, but after two loads of laundry, I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up, moved on in to the bedroom. The jetlag is getting better but still not completely gone. Today I feel more normal than I did yesterday and expect to feel a little better with each passing day.

I also have grand an intention of getting the yard work done this evening since the grass is, in some places, as high as my knees. This is the one chore I have been dreading more than any other. Thankfully, the humidity is supposedly lower today, which means instead of 100% humidity, it’s only 98.9% humidity so maybe it will be a little bit better. At any rate, it has to be done, especially since it’s due to rain later in the week and on the weekend. I just hope the lawnmower will start up because if not, I will probably be willing to shell out $50 for someone else to do it and in all honesty, I’d rather keep that $50 for myself.

The Tide seems to be doing a little better than she was on Sunday. She seemed a little friendlier yesterday and this morning but is still not 100% herself. Hopefully she will continue to perk up and will be back to normal soon.

I guess that’s all the less than exciting news for today. I’m not as interesting now that I’m back home; but I thank you for stopping by anyway. Have a great Tuesday.


Erika said...

I can't believe you went to work the day after you got back...such dedication ;)
Hope you get a wave of energy today to get you through mowing the yard! I am trying not to complain about the heat, but it is SO HOT and MUGGY.
This might be a good week to try more cooking in the car! Sun dried tomatoes perhaps??

Erika said...

P.S. I really like the new background.