Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm A Swayer

This is going to be one of those posts where I talk about a whole lot of nothing, including a conversation I had with a total stranger at Target last night, and you will have wasted five minutes of your life. So, let me apologize in advance for that. I don’t really have much going on right now other than a fight with the insurance company and a floor replacement on my hands; but I’m saving that story for another day – like when the fight is over and it’s determined whether or not I have to pay out of pocket for a total flooring renovation in one room of my house. Stay tuned for all the gory details.

I’ve been going through all my photos and the photos I got from Bernie and Rob from the Tour de France and let me tell you people, I am missing all the fun like it’s nobody’s business. I told my cousin, Chris on Saturday that the tour was magical and as cheesy as that sounds, it truly was. I really cannot wait to do it all over again in the future!

There goes my man Cav, struggling up the Galibier
I miss you, Tour de France!

Last night, Erika and I headed to the big city of Madison to eat at Bandito Burrito. I had bought a living social deal and when I bought it didn’t pay attention to the fine print and it was only for the Madison location. So, Erika was kind enough to drive us out there in exchange for dinner. The food was good and it was great catching up with my dear friend. There are a couple of cute looking stores there on Main Street next to the Bandito but they were closed. So, we hope to remember to go out there some time when the stores are open because one of them had the funniest/most adorable dish towels I have seen in a long while.

Before I met up with Erika I stopped by Target to get some money back on a prescription I bought last week (my discount card had expired and I needed to bring in a new one). While I was waiting, I was holding a case of Diet Coke on my hip and swaying back and forth. A lady came by and asked me if I had small children. I said, “No, why?” and she commented that it looked like I was accustomed to rocking a child back and forth because of the way I was swaying. I told her that I was just a sawyer; that I swayed in church and anytime I had to stand in a line. I actually considered it a compliment that I looked like a natural at rocking a child; maybe it will come in handy one day if the good Lord ever decides to bless me with some children of my own.

I realize you already know this, but my new mattress comes on Saturday and Saturday cannot get here soon enough.

It seems as though there was some other nonsense that I was planning to ramble on about and now that I’ve reached this point I cannot think of what it might have been. My dad and I are hitting the road again tomorrow as we will be traveling to Atlanta for the first two rounds of the PGA Championship. Please pray that we don’t have a heat stroke while we are there. After walking around in the lovely French weather, we are really going to be in for a rude awakening when we’re walking the St. John’s Golf Course the next two days. Ugh.


Erika said...

Have fun at the PGA tour!

Candy said...

My kids are always in need of a good swaying hip (since they can't on mine) so stop by one day when ya need to borrow a cute kid/baby :)