Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It’s Completely Chaotic!

A crack in the floor

Well folks, the chaos that is home renovation has begun. I really don’t even know if you can call it home renovation when it’s actually repair work, but we’ll go with that. It sounds lovelier, or something like that.

Over the weekend, I moved almost everything out of my guest bedroom. I took the little stuff out first and the small pieces of furniture that I could move on my own, as well as the bed linens. Most all of this was done on Friday night. I didn’t do much at all on Saturday since I went to the lake for the day; and on Sunday, I finished up what I could. I moved all of the clothes out of the closet and even bagged some up to give away. I also moved the desk out of the room so that I would have somewhere to put all the hanging clothes. Otherwise they would have had to lie on the bed and I would be sleeping on the couch which didn’t sound like too good of a plan to me.

By the time Sunday night was coming to an end, the only things left in the room were the bed, the cabinet that holds my DVDs (without the DVDs in it) a storage box full of books that was too heavy for me to move and the TV. I left the dress I had worn to church on Sunday laying out on the bed so that I could wear it to work on Monday. Otherwise, it would have been a wild goose chase trying to find something to wear.

I left the house yesterday morning for work and the man doing all the work at my house came over around noon, or so I’m told. Since I wasn’t there I don’t really know what time he showed up. I also don’t know what he did with The Tide. I wonder that too. Did The Tide just hang back and watch all the destruction or did they let her outside? She didn’t tell me. She’s very tight lipped about what she does during the day.

When I got home from work yesterday, the floor had been ripped out of the bedroom. I could smell the mustiness of the crawl space as soon as I walked in the door. I don’t know why, but that is one of the smells I dislike the most. I guess it has something to do with the fact that I like a clean house and the smell of dirt is not something with which I tend to fragrance my home.

The cabinet I had left in the bedroom was in the middle of the kitchen floor. I eventually moved it beside the stove so that I could get the dishwasher open. I needed to put my lunch dishes away. The bed and storage box were both moved to the hallway along with the two closet doors and was therefore blocking the way to my bedroom. The only way I could get to my room was through the door that connects to the end and I would have to crawl under the desk holding all my hanging clothes. So, I proceeded to move the bed, the mattresses and the doors so that I could at least walk into my bedroom like a civilized person. I also managed to knock a small hole in the wall in my hallway which will now have to be mudded and painted. I’m guessing the walls in the bedroom will have to be repainted too – just when you think you’re done painting a house for 10 or 20 years.

So, needless to say, the house looks completely chaotic right now. I seriously feel like I’m living an episode of Hoarders. I also feel like all the stuff is suffocating me. It makes me feel more than a wee bit claustrophobic. Erika was privy to the chaos last night when she stopped by to pick me up for the Ladies’ Night Out event. I told her I might have to come stay with her a night just so I can breathe a little bit.

This morning, I squirmed around all the things in my house and managed to pull together a lunch for today. It was quite interesting picking out some clothes. I luckily found some brown Capri’s close to the top of the pile of hanging clothes and spotted a short sleeve grey shirt that I often wear with those pants. After struggling for about five minutes to get the shirt out of the pile, I stopped for a breather, let go of the clothes on top and then couldn’t find the shirt again. I ended up with a lightweight long sleeve shirt instead. People probably think I’m nuts wearing long sleeves in 90 degree weather, but it is cool in my office so that will be my excuse.

The madness is only supposed to last a week but when was the last time a construction project only lasted a week? Let’s hope this one does. Otherwise, I may be checking in to the Motel 6.

This is in my bonus room -
clothes and towels and lots of other things.

A view of my bedroom

And another - with a confused Tide

And another - with a still confused Tide

My temporary "closet"

The guest bedroom almost cleared out.

Another view

The guest bedroom on Monday afternoon

Another view

The bed in the den.
Here, The Tide is not confused, just staring a her jar of treats.
She knows what she wants.

The cabinet in the kicthen


Erika said...

Those pics of The Tide crack me up! (I can tell she has shed a few pounds; she's looking so trim!).
Feel free to come over any time during the chaos :)

Nanny said...

feel free to come all the way to NE GA. Haven't met yet but that's not a problemesse

Nanny said...

that would be problem, my mouse wandered

Jackie said...

Whew Girl!! I am sure that it will get done quickly. You could always come sleep on Troy's bottom bunk:) or better yet you could have Ashlyns room and she could sleep with Troy.

Candy said...

haha the pictures of The Tide cracked me up! Love the ears! And yikes about the floor! I know you'll be glad when it's all finished.