Monday, July 23, 2012

Every Day Is A Big People Convention

I shall begin today's post by answering a couple of questions regarding yesterday's Cooking in the Car post. I have no idea what people think when they walk past the car. I sure wish I did though. It would be great to have a camera set up and watch people's expressions as they walked by. I can only imagine the look on the faces of people and Lord only knows what is going through their heads. I would guess that in the mornings most people probably don't pay attention because they are more than likely not fully awake. I would guess when people leave for lunch or leave for the day is when the dash gets the most curious looks. Who knows? It would be fun to watch though. To answer a second question, no, I did not give the bacon to The Tide. She prefers her bacon crispy just like me! If anyone else has questions about the bacon, let me know. I realize it wasn't the most detailed Cooking in the Car post and I want to make sure everyone gets all the information they need here on The Chronicles of Nat.

Now that the questions have been answered we will move on to our regularly scheduled blog posting.

It was another busy weekend for me. I guess you can say it got kicked off on Thursday night when I took the time to mow the lawn and thought I was going to kill over from heat exhaustion in the process. Although we haven't had a 100 degree day in a while, the humidity was so unbearable it was hard to breathe and I probably could have collected five gallons of sweat from my clothing. It took a good long while to get the grass cut since it had not been trimmed in over a month and with all the rain we have received recently the growing has been a wee bit out of control. I was glad that I got it done though as it started raining again on Friday and on and off on Saturday and Sunday. Sadly, it already looks like it needs to be cut again which means I'll be right back at it later on this week. When we were in high school, my friend Willie had a shirt that said "I Fought The Lawn and the Lawn Won" and that is exactly how I felt this past Thursday.

So, this time last year I was in France. I'm sure I've mentioned that like 10 times but for whatever reason it is just so surreal to me to think that I was in France on this day last year. I can't let it go. I need help. Moving on...

Friday night I went to a singing at Lincoln Church of Christ. Thankfully my friends Janet and Deborah were there or I would have had to sit all by my lonesome. The singing lasted a couple of hours and afterwards there was a plethora of sandwiches and cookies to munch on. I was a wee bit hungry so I fixed myself a plate with a few things on it and took it to go since Janet and Deborah weren't staying.

On Saturday I watched the tour, did some cleaning and lots of laundry and watched Batman Begins in anticipation of going to see The Dark Knight Rises later that evening. My dad fried some fish for dinner that night and then I met my cousin Jan for the movie (review coming later). Thankfully I brought an extra shirt with me to my parents' house so I wouldn't smell of grease at the movie theater. I'm not even kidding when I say that on Monday I still think there is a hint of grease smell in my hair - but I have an unusually strong sniffer thanks to my grandmother's genes.

Sunday I got up early and watched a wee bit of the last stage of the tour before heading off to church. Before leaving, I realized that someone had stolen my Loretta Spencer sign out of my yard! Don't worry though, I had a back-up and I'm advertising for Loretta once again. At church, Jackie and I struck out once again on finding a class to our liking (more on this in a later post). It's tough out there, people. After church that morning, I finally made it for my weekly grocery store trip to Publix which took all of 30 minutes because I was hungry and didn't want to linger and end up buying a lot of useless stuff. I then ventured over to Zoe's Kitchen to get some lunch and let me tell you, it was a madhouse in there. I would advise that you do not go there on a Sunday afternoon. I finally received my to-go order and headed home where I ate and then mixed up some dinner for me, Erika and Kendra.

The girls came over Sunday night and it was great catching up with those two as I had not seen them in quite a while. Kendra told us about going to the Little People Convention which was in Dallas this year. I made comment that there needed to be a Big People Convention to which Kendra replied, "Every Day is a Big People Convention" -Touché, Kendra, touché! I made a new chicken recipe which turned out quite good. Click here for the link if you want to check it out. The recipe calls for a crock pot, but I cooked it on 250 in the oven for six hours and it worked quite well. The girls left a little after 9:00 and I watched a little TV before climbing into the bed to close out the weekend; and that sums things up for me. Hopefully you had a nice one as well.

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Erika said...

Thanks for having us over Sunday, and for answering my bacon questions :)