Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Five Points from Five Points

This may be the lamest post ever; humor me, and go with it.

1. It rained this week -sweet, glorious rain! The temperatures also dropped and are below average this week, which I don't know about you, but this makes me so happy I could almost cry. I'm just thrilled that it finally rained and hope it doesn't stop the remainder of the week or month for that matter because we need it.

2. My neighbor Jeff brought me some tomatoes this week. This is the second time he has given me tomatoes this year. He also ran someone off from my parking spot a couple of Sundays ago. Our neighbor down the street has a gathering of folks three of four times a year and if you are nor at home when the guest start arriving, then beware because your parking spot will probably be taken from you. I didn't know there was going to be a party on this particular evening (I guess it was to celebrate the Fourth) and when I pulled on to my street, I thought, oh no, there had better not be anyone in my spot. There wasn't. When I got out of the car, Jeff came over and told me he had just ran someone off from my spot. He was going to pull my garbage can out front to block the spot had I not arrived home when I did. He is a good neighbor.

3. My neighbor Charlie has not one, but three Porches. My car needs duct tape to function while my next-door neighbor has about $200K worth of car. Five Points is a little crazy like that.

4. It's been over four weeks since I last mowed the lawn. It doesn't need it. Lack of rain equals lack of grass. The grass is so dry that it makes a crunching sound when you walk on it and is also as brown as brown can be. I'm sure it will do a little growing this week since we received some rain and I'll be back to mowing in no time.

5. There are five new kittens across the street. They were born on June 6 and are not the kittens that were conceived outside my window seeing as how the kittens conceived outside my window are probably still gestating. How long is a cat pregnancy anyway? Maybe they aren't still gestating; but, at any rate, the cat across the street was knocked up before there was a crazy cat night outside my window. Four of the five kittens are some combination of black and white and one is a tabby. The tabby is the prettiest one. If you are looking for a cat let me know and I can tell my neighbors. The Tide and I will not be taking one.


Erika said...

I soo soso soso soooo wish I could take one of those kittens :( I think I'd be a happier person with a little kitten to cuddle up with :)
Jeff is a good neighbor; I'm glad he's always looking out for you.

Jackie said...

I am so loving this rain. Jeff rocks! I wish I had a neighbor like him.

Kimberly Washer said...

Ok you are killing me. There was a post that you wrote that you didn't know how to link up to your own blog, but I guess you researched and figured it out. If you can't tell I'm really worried about this, but it looks like you've got it down so I'll stop worrying now :).