Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A List

I'm feeling like a list today; so, here it goes:

1. I stumbled across two new blogs recently. Both are written by friends of mine and I encourage you to stop by if you have a chance. The first is called Southern Sass with a Side of Laughs and is written by my sorority sister Gwen. Gwen is one of the funniest people I have ever met. She always has a smile on her face and makes others around her laugh. Her quirky and smart sense of humor is unbeatable and I am so glad she decided to put her feelings of anxiousness aside and start a blog. She only has one entry (at the time I am writing this) but it is well worth the read. Her father passed away last week and she first talks about braving the world of blogging and then shares the eulogy she spoke at her father's funeral. It is remarkable and I hope you will take the time to read it.

The second blog is called Simply Living Our Life and is written by my friend Ashley. She has recipes and craft ideas as well as  just general entries about what's going on in her life. Her recipes look delicious and the craft projects are darling. She has also been blessed to become the newest fourth grade teacher at Madison Academy and so I'm sure she will soon be regaling us with stories from the classroom. Check it out if you have the chance.

2. I have been on an apple and peanut butter kick for breakfast for at least a month, maybe two. I'm not sure what started it actually, but it has been a good choice for my breakfast as it is very filling and I'm not hungry before lunch time. I'm a Golden Delicious fan. Despite the fact that for the past six-eight weeks I have been cutting an apple each morning for breakfast, I walked out of my front door on Monday without one. I completely forgot about cutting an apple or eating breakfast at all apparently and didn't realize it until I was driving to work. I blame it on le Tour. I was all involved in getting as many pre-race tweets read before cutting myself off from all manner of the world. Thankfully our cafeteria at work serves breakfast. It was greasy, but it was food so I won't complain.

3. Speaking of le Tour, there have been a ton of crashes this year and some big names have had to abandon, which makes me sad. My favorite to win it all was out after stage six and I was crushed because I wasn't sure who I would pull for to win it all and am still not sure. The current wearer of the maillot jaune had some brutally honest and fierce comments after Sunday's stage. I'll link up to it here in case you want to read about it, but I will warn you the language is in-your-face and not for the faint of heart. I personally loved it, but I've never been one to shy away from swear words in certain situations. Just being honest here, Aunt Linda! His response was in question to the naysayers who accuse him of blood-doping. The link to his response is here.

4. I'm still on a dairy ban and I haven't lost the first pound - maybe I'm doing it wrong? I mentioned it to my doctor when I went last week and he seemed thrilled that I was going dairy-free for a while. I've vowed to keep it up through the end of August and then I will re-evaluate. I'm not missing cheese too much, but man could I go for a cold smooth glass of milk!

5. As of Wednesday, July 11 (which is more than likely when you are reading this), there are only 50 days left until the start of college football season. I realize most of you don't care, but I am pretty excited about it. Look at it this way, In seven or eight weeks there will be a new fall TV season, and with any luck cooler weather, in combination, you can hardly beat those three.

6. This time last year I was preparing for a flight to France. This time this year, France is loudly calling my name and I cannot wait to go back, whenever that may be. I'm having withdrawals from the motherland.

7. Met a cute boy at church on Sunday. Sadly, he is about 10 years my junior so I think I'll go ahead and mark that possibility off the list. Onward!

8. As of this week, I have not eaten anything from McDonald's in one year. It wasn't really a conscious decision it just kind of happened, which is strange because I love their french fries more than any others. 

9. Tuesday morning, there was a wreck that shut down the Parkway close to where I work. Thankfully I had seen this on the news before I left home and was able to come up with an alternate route and made it to work on time. A lot of other people were late. Days like that, I'm glad I watch the news in the morning.

10. I like hot dogs.


Melissa said...

Thanks for the new blog links - I'll check them out! Wow - no McD's for a year..that's impressive. It's not my favorite food type, but I do like it from time to time :)

Erika said...

I love it when you do posts like this!

Good for you for no McDonald's for a year! I really don't like McDonald's, but I would have a hard time giving up my Chick-Fil-A for a year!

I'm off to check out those other blogs :)

Kimberly Washer said...

Ok so you do know how to link things up, just not from your own blog?? You do it the same way you would this. Just go to your blog and copy the link...easy as pie :). Oh and I love this list especially the last one!