Monday, November 26, 2012

My 2012 Black Friday

As is tradition, my dad and I went out shopping on Black Friday once again this year, and it was one of the most leisurely Black Fridays we have ever experienced if I do say so myself. I had mentioned last week that a lot of the stores were opening on Thursday night this year. I'm pretty sure I blamed this on Wal-Mart and sure enough I heard on the news that other retailers were also blaming Wal-Mart - apparently everyone is trying to compete with Wal-Mart. Go figure.

My dad wanted a set of sheets from Wal-Mart that were $19.00. they were part of the first Wal-Mart sale which took place at 8:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving night. So, while I was at the movie, he ventured down to Wal-Mart, arriving about five minutes after 8:00 p.m. only to find that both pallets of sheets were gone. Apparently everyone was in the market for sheets this year - strange, but true.

At 10:00 my dad went back to Wal-Mart for a TV and a computer for my brother. I can write freely about this because I'm pretty darn sure my brother doesn't read my blog and if he does, well, this is what he gets for not going to my mom's closet the other night to get something out of there because I had to do it and now know I am getting some Birkenstocks for Christmas. (I'll act surprised, mother; and yes, that was the only thing I saw.) Anyway, on with the story.... There were no computers left, but my dad did manage to get one of the 32 inch TVs.

We made plans for my dad to come by and pick me up at 7:00 a.m. which was a late start for us, as we usually start at 5:00 a.m. Before my dad came by, I checked the internet for the computers from the 10:00 sale just in case my dad did not get one (I had not talked to him at this point) and according to the World Wide Web, there was still stock at the Wal-Mart on Drake. So, when my dad picked me up I told him and that's where we headed first. Sure enough, there were computers in stock and so he got one. They also had TVs and plenty of Blu-Ray players as well. My brother is going back to school via online classes in January. He's going for a Master's in counseling and needs the computer to take the classes. I think the plan is for him to pay my dad back a little each month for the computer. Either way, I'm sure my mom will be glad when he gets it because he has been using hers all the time.

After our successful trip to Wal-Mart, we headed to Belk where my dad bought some sheets - not as cheap as the ones that were on sale at Wal-Mart, but a good buy nonetheless I suppose. My dad bought himself some house shoes and I bought myself a purse, which I didn't really need but I have wanted a new one for some time and it was only $30, originally $100 so it was a good deal I guess. We next stopped by Office Depot because I needed some rewritable CDs. I had used up the last of my stock recently and had been waiting for Black Friday to buy some as they are usually always on sale. I got a spindle of 100 for $14.99, which was a good price.

Dick's Sporting Goods was the next stop on the agenda. We end up there every Black Friday. My dad got himself some golf balls and gloves and as it turns out, we had some $10 off a $50 purchase coupons from the Enjoy the City books and were able to use one of those on his purchase. We ended up going back in for some air-soft guns for some teenage boys we know who live with their grandma. The grandma doesn't have the luxury of buying the boys a lot of things for Christmas so my dad got them the air-soft guns, some face protection and also a basketball for the goal their grandma got them. They had some books on their list as well which I ordered for them when I got home that afternoon. I look forward to them opening their gifts and hope they will like them. We split the orders up at Dick's and were able to use three more $10 coupons. So, it worked out really well there.

We made a quick stop by Bed Bath and Beyond and were not impressed with any of their "sales" and then ventured over to Kohl's where I purchased a few gifts and some sheets for myself - see, everyone is apparently on the lookout for sheets. After these two stops, we called it a day and headed to Rolo's for some breakfast, only to discover they were closed. So, we went to Blue Plate instead which was my suggestion as I do enjoy their cheesy browns!

I spent the rest of the day napping and doing some cleaning and then that evening, Erika and Kendra came over to watch my TV. For the past two Fridays they have come over to watch as many episodes as possible of Downton Abbey. Since neither of them have a Blu-ray player, they have come over to my house to watch while I'm out at a football game. It has become quite an agreeable arrangement for all of us. They are coming this Friday as well as they still have quite a few episodes of season two to enjoy. So, while they were watching Downton, I went to the Madison Academy game with my dad and brother and watched them wallop Colbert County. The semi-finals are coming up this Friday and if they win, we will be headed to Auburn (of all places) for the state championship game on December 6.

That, folks, was my very busy and yet very productive Black Friday. I've got one more gift card to buy and then I will be completely finished with my Christmas shopping. I even started wrapping presents last night and am about half way finished with that process as well. If you went out on Black Friday, hope you were able to get some good deals as well!

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Erika said...

You are so brave for facing the Black Friday crowds :)
Thanks for letting Kendra and me crash at your house for our Downton fix!!! Can't wait til this Friday - I hope my M.A. Mustangs continue to do well so we can finish all our episodes...haha