Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Cornucopia of Unrelated Information

Well, it's Tuesday night and I just got home from my WOW session and my arms and legs feel like jello. I guess that's a good thing. I'm also hungry and hope to be eating dinner soon. The WOW sessions are going great and I would love it if this group would sign up for another six weeks after the first six, but they probably have things to do in the evening, unlike myself.

Other than painting the shed this past weekend, I really didn't have much else going on. I think I mentioned that it was free Showtime weekend and the entire season two of Homeland was one Saturday and gave my DVR a workout for 12 straight hours. I re-watched season one starting early last week and finished up on Saturday morning and then started on season two some time in the afternoon.

After all was said and done, I watched about 18 hours of Homeland over the course of four days, including six hours on both Saturday and Sunday. I think it probably goes without saying that I was rather consumed with the plot line and even dreamed about it at night. Now I'm completely caught up and really sad that there are no more episodes to watch. Here's looking forward to the next free Showtime weekend.

Sunday morning on the way to church I saw a black Volvo station wagon parked and for sale in a lot at the corner of Governor's and California. I thought it looked like a newer model and decided to go take a look at the price after church Sunday afternoon. I pulled out of the parking lot about as fast, or faster, than I pulled in. The Volvo was in fact a newer model and the price tag was $25.6K. If anyone wants to buy it for me, contact Peter.

Speaking of cars, it really would not surprise me if Blue killed over at some point. I did manage to repair the missing side view mirror on the passenger side a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully the one I bought was the right size and it was no trouble at all to fix. Lately it seems that I sometimes hear what sounds like crickets in the car and then at other times I hear a bzzz like a bee, which never ceases to make me jump. I'm beginning to wonder if Blue is being operated by scores of insects under the hood instead of an engine. I mean, Jackie did find a roach in the back floor board a few weeks ago when we were out at a garage sale. We ended up driving to the car wash to suck it up in a vacuum, but when I couldn't see it, she used something (I can't remember what) to flick it out of the car. It landed on it's back and Jackie turned it right side up and then the roach came towards me and I screamed at the top of my lungs and and ran away. It was quite hilarious and got me moving at an early hour. Thankfully, there have been no other roach sightings in the car, otherwise, I might have to set it on fire and cut my losses.

In closing I would like to let you know that I'm currently in the process of a boot experiment of sorts and I am looking forward to reporting on that next week when said experiment has been completed. Until then, may your cars be bug free!

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