Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ingrid, Is That You?

Monday night was the start of the 2013 season of Concerts in the Park at Big Spring Park in downtown Huntsville. It has been years since I had attended one of these concerts, but Sunday, my cousin Alexandra mentioned she was going and invited Jackie and I to come along and so we did and it was such a fun night.

I sent Jackie a text on Sunday night and asked her if she wanted to walk to the park from my house. I came up with the idea that I could pick her up from work (she works downtown) and then we would go to my house, walk to the park, enjoy the concert and then use her car parked downtown to get back home. She agreed and that's exactly what we did. I picked up sandwiches at Subway before I picked Jackie up so we could also enjoy some dinner while at the park. 

We left my house about 5:15 and headed towards the park. Before leaving we packed a backpack with drinks, our sandwiches and Chex Mix as well as our phones and Jackie's keys. I asked her to bring her key to my house so I wouldn't have to bring my keys along and she checked to make sure she had it before we left and I asked her again before shutting the door - you can never be to sure about these things. 

It took us about an hour or so to walk to the park. I, after all, am a slow walker. I think the distance is a little over three miles, but it's a lovely walk through Five Points, Old Town and downtown and so it didn't seem like it took as long as it did. 

When we arrived we staked out a spot under the trees. Alexandra and Indigo were running late and so I sent her a text to let her know where we were sitting. Our friend Maria, and later Denny, also joined us for the night. Not long after the first band started playing, a nice looking man was standing close by and it looked like he was searching the crowd for someone. He asked Jackie if her name was Ingrid. She said, no, sorry. He then told us that meeting someone for the first time at Concerts in the Park was probably not the best idea. Bless his heart, I hope he found Ingrid and she didn't stand him up. 

Alexandra and Indigo showed up around 7:00 or so and sat with us under the trees. We eventually moved to the grass because sitting on dead magnolia leaves was not comfortable on the backside. The two bands that played were really great and it was such a fun night. It wasn't too terribly warm out and after the sun went down it was actually comfortable. 

The concert wrapped up around 8:00 and we headed to Jackie's car and then back to my house. Jackie put her key in the door and it didn't budge. She tried another key and it still didn't budge, and long story short, she didn't have the house key and we were locked out. So, I called my dad and he graciously pulled himself away from the Women's College World Series and came to unlock the door. 

Concerts in the Park takes place each Monday night beginning at 6:30 at Big Spring Park in front of the Huntsville Museum of Art. It's a really fun event and I definitely plan on going again. The schedule for the rest of the summer is listed below, and I would like to add that I had no idea my late grandfather had a band. I cannot wait to check it out!

June 10 - Cristina Lynn, Tangled String Band
June 17 - Tropical Breeze Steel Band, The Brakers
June 24 - The 911 Reporters, Groove
July 1 - Strings of Pearl, Olde Towne Brass
July 8 - Jimmy Henderson, Bourbon & Shamrocks
July 15 - The Ben Parker Project, DiscOasis
July 22 - U.S. Army Materiel Command Bands
July 29 - Step Heavy, Jeff Whitlow and the Old Barn Band
August 5 - Winslow Davis, Mambo Gris Gris
August 12 - Ashley Smith, Rocket City Jazz Orchestra

Don't forget to enter for your chance to win a copy of Boo Mama's new book, A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet, as well as a lovely set of measuring spoons. Contest is open through Thursday night! Good luck! 

Indigo enjoying the night out on the town!


Ingrid said...

Had a blast! Can't wait to do it again. It was awesome except for the whole dropping the ball on the house key situation:-)

Erika said...

Looks like a good line-up this year! I might have to cut out of work a little early a few days and go to some of these.

Carol said...

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