Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

I finally have a minute to sit down and at least recap the weekend. As mentioned in the coleslaw post, I cooked lunch for Father's Day. Meatloaf is my dad's favorite and I always cook it on Father's Day since no one else is very keen on it. Shockingly my mother actually said it was good - she hates meatloaf - but she did slather it in Heinz 57 sauce; so, there's that. In addition to meatloaf and coleslaw we also had green beans and mac and cheese. My dad made the cornbread because last year he said mine was not good and I refuse to make it for him again. For dessert I made an upside down peach bundt cake that was not bad at all. I think it was actually prettier than it tasted. It wasn't too sweet which was nice. 

The meal was my gift to my dad, same as it was for my mom on Mother's Day. My dad, however, gave both my brother and I a nice card which caused me to cry and if I'm not mistaken my brother teared up a little bit too. It just had a personal handwritten note and is something each of us will always treasure. A few years ago he did something similar when he gave each of us a Bible that he had read through from Genesis to Revelation. I'm not sure if he even remembers giving us those, but it's one Bible that I will forever be grateful that I have. 

After lunch I came home and watched the US Open which I finished watching after I got home from church that evening. Poor Phil - always the bridesmaid and never the bride when it comes to the US Open. It was heartbreaking - again; but, the golf course at Merion stood up like a champ and no one finished under par which is just remarkable. I thought it was a very good tournament. Sunday night I had dinner with my Aunt Linda and some of her friends at Jason's Deli. I had the salad bar, which was just as fresh and delicious as always. 

Backing up a bit to Friday night - I did my grocery shopping after work and spent the rest of the evening breaking green beans and watching TV. I'm sure you are envious of all that fun. Saturday I got up and did some cooking for our Father's Day lunch and worked on the laundry. The church where my dad preaches had a community cookout on Saturday afternoon and I stopped by for that and had some free lunch. The turnout wasn't as good as it was in April, but the food was still good. After the cookout, Sydney came over and she and I went to see Jackie's two kids sing and dance in Blue Plate Broadway. This was the second year that Troy and Ashlyn participated and the show was very cute and entertaining. They both did a fantastic job. Jackie and I tried to convince Sydney to do it next year but she didn't seem too interested. She was, however, exceptionally excited to see "her boyfriend" Troy after the show. 

My aunt, Sydney's Ya-Ya came and picked her up after the show so that Sydney could spend Father's Day with her family. So, I had what was left of the evening to myself and spent it making the aforementioned cake and coleslaw and watching overtime of the hockey game. 

So, it was a quick and rather low-key weekend, but then again, aren't they all quick - too quick really. This has started off as another busy week at work. I had customers in on Monday and Tuesday and I hope the rest of the week isn't quite as hectic. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm really looking forward to a couple of days off for Independence Day,

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Erika said...

Sounds like a good weekend to me, and your Father's Day dinner sounds delicious!