Sunday, June 23, 2013

I Think I'll Call It The Barn

I think I mentioned last week that my new shed now has a door. It's very exciting. Now I just have to schedule the moving in of all my "junk". The door that my dad and Buddy used was a leftover they found at Wilson Lumber Company and they cut the bottom of it off so it would fit the shed. I assume that Buddy primed it because when they hung it up it was primed with white paint already.

On Friday afternoon, I stopped by Home Depot and picked out some paint - Red Brick - to paint the door and got up around 6:00 on Saturday morning to put the first coat on. I like to work either before the sun comes up or after it goes down, otherwise it is blazing hot in this Alabama summer.

I put the second coat on around 7:00 Saturday night and then finished with a third and final coat on Sunday morning at 6:00. During the total of four hours or so that I spent painting the door, I managed to amass almost 30 mosquito bites on my legs; but, the door looks great, so it was worth it. I love the red color and the shed, well, it looks like a little barn really and I love it.

One thing, however, that I did not love about it was the massive amount of spiders that had already accumulated inside. My Aunt Linda told me about a bug bomb and so after church on Sunday I went and bought one and set it off during the afternoon. After church Sunday night I swept out the shed and hopefully the spiders will not return.

I'm really excited about the new shed and I want to send out a big thanks to my dad and his friend Buddy who worked so hard on putting it together for me.

The door before the red paint

During the painting

After the first coat

Also after the first coat

Three coats and it's done. 


Jackie said...

Love it!!! Cutest little shed ever!

Erika said...

So cute!