Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Mundane Life

It's been yet another busy week for me at work, which really isn't so bad. I'd much rather it be busy than slow - for one it makes the time seem to pass quicker and I've got no complaints about that.

Other than work being busy, not much else has been going on; yet the time seems to move at the speed of sound. On Tuesday and Thursday nights I'm taking the Women on Weights class that I believe I mentioned last week. The class is going really well. There are five of us in the class and it's a good mix of people and the trainer has set us up with some really great exercises. At the time I am typing this, my arms still feel like jello from the class earlier this evening. My concern is that after the six weeks is over I may go back to being unmotivated and start skipping the gym again. Hopefully, though, this six week course will motivate me to continue the routine and get back in the habit before going home each afternoon.

This summer at church we are having meals at church before classes. The cost is $5 per person or $20 per family. This week was the second time for the summer and we had hamburgers and hot dogs. Well, the burgers were actually soy burgers I think because they tasted like those burgers that were served in your elementary school cafeteria. They weren't the worst burgers I've ever had, but they definitely were not the best. I think this is a great idea that the church is doing and I wish they did it year round and not just in the summer. It is really convenient to have dinner at the church building before Bible study.

I'm actually helping in one of the three-year old classrooms on Wednesdays this summer. The lady that teaches is one of our elders wives and she is amazing. She has more energy than I do and is probably old enough to be my grandmother. She is really great with the kids and I actually feel kind of useless; but, she has been a great teacher for me to observe and learn from and for that I am thankful.

My dad and Buddy finished with the shed this week as they were able to get the door hung. Now I just have to paint the door and move all my things in. I hope to get the door painted this weekend and then maybe get everything moved in the following weekend. It will be really nice to have all of my things back in the shed. There have been many times this summer when I've needed this tool or that and then realized it wasn't here. I am exceptionally grateful to my aunt's boyfriend for letting me store all my "junk" in his workshop.

Besides painting the door this weekend, I really don't have any other bog plans. It's free Showtime this weekend and I am beyond excited to finally be able to record and eventually watch all of season two of Homeland. So, if I seem a little paranoid in the coming days, it's probably because I'm on Homeland overload. I'm re-watching season one now and by the time I'm done with season two I'll probably think everyone around me is a terrorist. It's worse than watching a couple of hours of Fox News.

At any rate, I hope everyone has a great weekend and with any luck something exciting (and by exciting I mean good exciting, we've had enough bad exciting this year) will happen and will therefore provide me with something to blog about besides my currently mundane day-to-day activities.

Oh, and happy summer, if you're into that kind of season.

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