Monday, July 14, 2014

Book Review: Get to Know: Apostle Paul

Today I’ve got a book review for you. This one is a kids’ book called Get to Know: Apostle Paul and is written by Nancy I. Sanders. It’s a full color biography for kids about Paul, one of my favorite characters in the Bible.

The book is a little over 100 pages long, but the print is large and the pictures are colorful, making it appealing to children. Peppered throughout the book are tidbits of information that fall into one of the following categories: Bible Hero, Eyewitness Account, Did You Know and Word Bank.

The Bible Hero tidbit tells information about a hero from the Bible that was present during a story about Paul. The Eyewitness Account portion gives an eyewitness account with scripture of something related to Paul’s story. The Did You Know Section has an interesting fact and the Word Bank presents vocabulary related to the story.

The book starts at the beginning of Paul’s life as a boy named Saul and continues through Paul’s writing letters while imprisoned in Rome. The books has maps of Paul’s missionary journeys and also has photographs of what the areas Paul visited look like today.

The one thing I did not like about this book was that although it mentions Paul was called Saul as a boy, it never describes how or why his name was changed to Paul while on the road to Damascus. I imagine this was probably to cut down on any confusion it may cause children, but this is one of the most important things that happened in Paul’s life and I feel like it should have been mentioned.

Other than the lack of mentioning Paul’s name change, everything else in the book seems to be on key. I think it is an interesting way to teach children about Paul, especially since it has so many pictures and colors which attract the mind of children. Obviously, using the Bible is the best way to teach your kiddos about Paul, but this book would be a good supplement and adds historical context as well which can make biblical characters seem more realistic.

Get to Know: Apostle Paul is available for around $7 and can be purchased at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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