Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Brother, The Salesman

I owe you a story about visiting my brother at work and so here I am to pay my dues. For those of you who don't know, and that's probably most of you, my brother, Justin, works at Landers McClarty Nissan in Huntsville as a car salesman. He's been at that job for about two months now and he loves it. My brother, like my dad, is a natural born salesman and I have no doubt he will make a nice career for himself selling cars if he so chooses to stay in this profession.

Justin called me on Friday and asked if he could set up an appointment for me to come out on Saturday to look at new cars. They were having a big sale for current Nissan owners and he felt like thy could get me in a brand new car for the same, or close to the same, payment I currently have. I had no desire for a new car, but I told him I would come out. I didn't have anything going on Saturday and I thought it would be fun to visit Justin at work.

So, I went Saturday afternoon, got signed in and was given a coupon for a low priced oil change, waited while he finished up with the customer to whom he had just sold a car and chatted with the Nissan representative who was there for the sale.

When Justin finished up, we went out for a test drive of a 2014 Rogue. It was a platinum gray and had a grey interior. It also had a rear view camera and a rack on top which was about the only difference in my car and this one. It did, of course, drive better than mine, as it should since it was brand new. It was also a lot quieter than mine because it had some kind of new fancy transmission that Justin gave me the spill on.

When we got back from the test drive, he went to see what kind of deal he could give me. It really wasn't terribly, but it was about $75-$80 more than I currently pay and even he told me it was a bad deal. So, I left in the car I came in and I was okay with that because I like my car and am not ready to let it go anyway. I kind of get attached to my cars.

On Sunday, Justin called me and asked me to call him back. When I finally got in touch with him, he let me know he had spoken with a different sales manager and had gotten me a better deal. This time he had me within $40 of my current payment and said he would pay the difference if I would just buy the car. You see, each sales person was paired up with someone for the month of June and the top salesman of the pair would win $500. It was just a little tempting, but not too much because the loan would have been for six years and I should have mine paid off in three or so I just didn't want to sign up for more payment for more years. I really did want to help my brother and my heartstrings felt a little tugged on and sad, but in the end, I made the right decision and maybe one day in the future I will be able to buy a new car from my baby brother.

While we are on the topic, I do just want to let you all know how super proud I am of my brother. It's no secret that he has had his fair share of issues with addiction and incarceration and just generally being someone who causes us more heartache than happiness. He has done such a great job pulling himself together these last nine months. I pray and I ask that you pray that he is able to continue taking it one day at a time and that he will make the right choices. I was so proud to see him at his job on Saturday, y'all. It truly warmed my heart.

One last thing, a shamless plug, if you are in the market for a new or used car, go by and see my brother Justin at Landers McClarty Nissan in Huntsville. Tell him his sister Nat sent you.

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Erika said...

Oh that is AWESOME!!! He definitely is a natural born salesman, and I am sure he will be very successful. I am so thankful he has this opportunity! I would totally buy a car from him if I were in the market for one. I am so proud of him and so happy for him!